This plugin enables the Click-to-Call functionality in Outlook and web browsers. The steps below (1-8) will install the Click-to-Call functionality. Steps 9-19, will enable the "Add Conference Details" button in Outlook, which will give you the capability to populate meeting requests with the dial-in information for a web/audio conference. If you would like to add the "Add Conference Details" button, prior to completing steps 9-19, you will need to request an AAC Account (Avaya Aura Conferencing). Please submit a WMS to Network Services for the AAC Account.

  1. Download the Avaya Outlook Plugin Zip file: (compatible with Windows 7 or newer and Office 2010 or newer)
  2. Open the folder named collaboration services
  3. Click Avaya.CollaborationServices.Installer.exe
  4. Click next if English is selected
    Choose Language Screenshot
  5. Click Next
    Click Next Screenshot
  6. a. Accept Terms
    b. Click next
    Accept and press next screenshot
  7. Window will show progress bar
    Progress Bar Screenshot
  8. Click Finish
    Install Completed Screenshot
  9. a. Click on the Windows Start button and
    b. Click on Conference Configuration Wizard
    Start Window Screenshot
  10. After a few moments, the bridge wizard will appear, click next
    Bridge Wizard Screenshot
  11. Click scan
    Click Scan Screenshot
  12. If no previously used audio bridge is detected, the Conference Bridge details window will
    display. Enter a name for your default audio bridge, such as Avaya Audio Bridge. Then click the
    Add button.

    Avaya Audio Bridge and Add Screenshot

  13. Enter additional information

    a. Name of audio bridge

    b. Local telephone number of Audio Bridge (see table below)

    c. Participant Passcode – sent to you via e-mail

    d. Moderator Passcode – sent to you via e-mail

    e. Click Add.

    Bridge Details Screenshot

    City AAC Access Local Number
    Local Audio Access Numbers
    Bismarck AAC Access 1(701) 328-7950
    Wahpeton AAC Access 1(701) 671-1570
    Minot AAC Access 1(701) 857-7510
    Jamestown AAC Access 1(701) 253-3050
    Fargo AAC Access 1(701) 239-7150
    Dickinson AAC Access 1(701) 227-7450
    Williston AAC Access 1(701) 774-2750
    Valley City AAC Access 1(701) 845-8850
    Grand Forks AAC Access 1(701) 787-6550
    Devils Lake AAC Access 1(701) 662-9350
    Grafton AAC Access 1(701) 352-4250
  14. Enter additional information
    a. Name of the audio bridge
    b. Local telephone number of audio bridge (see table above)
    c. Click Ok.
    Name and Number Screenshot

  15. A pop-up will display asking to convert the phone number into international format. Click Yes.
    Popup Screenshot
  16. Click Next
    Bridge Details Next Screenshot
  17. Copy the text strings below into the appropriate boxes using the Participant Code and Moderator

    Code that you were assigned in place of the # signs below.



    c. Click Finish

    Web Collaboration Details Screenshot

  18. Click Next
    Conference Bridge Details Click Next Screenshot
  19. Click Finish
    Finish Install Screenshot