Audio-only conferencing (reservation less)

The audio bridging capabilities of AAC can be used as a stand-alone service for reservation less audio-only conferencing or they can be used in conjunction with the Web Collaboration features of AAC in lieu of the VOIP audio option. To join the audio portion of an AAC meeting using a conventional desk or cell phone, you would follow these steps:

  1. Dial into the Audio Bridge at 701-328-7950 (other local numbers below). You will be presented with a series of Voice Prompts.
  2. "Please enter your collaboration code followed by the pound (#) key."
  3. If you are the Moderator (Host) of the audio conference, enter your Moderator Code followed by the # key.
  4. If you are a Participant only, enter your Participant Code followed by the # key.
  5. If the Moderator has not yet joined the conference, all participants will hear "hold" music until the Moderator joins the conference. 
Useful Keypad Codes for Moderator
## End Conference  (or hang up)
*# Count the number of participants
** Menu of available options
*1 Dial out to add a participant to the conference
*7 Lock conference down so participants can no longer join
*81  Mute all participants
*98  Allow conference to continue after moderator leaves


City AAC Access Local Number
Local Audio Access Numbers
Bismarck AAC Access 1(701) 328-7950
Wahpeton AAC Access 1(701) 671-1570
Minot AAC Access 1(701) 857-7510
Jamestown AAC Access 1(701) 253-3050
Fargo AAC Access 1(701) 239-7150
Dickinson AAC Access 1(701) 227-7450
Williston AAC Access 1(701) 774-2750
Valley City AAC Access 1(701) 845-8850
Grand Forks AAC Access 1(701) 787-6550
Devils Lake AAC Access 1(701) 662-9350
Grafton AAC Access 1(701) 352-4250