Audio Conferencing

In addition to audio conferencing hosted through Microsoft Teams, NDIT also has audio conferencing services hosted through the Pexip platform.  Audio Conferencing is a managed communication technology between multiple sites that are linked by voice telecommunication devices.

Audio Conferencing is an essential communication tool used for business meetings, project management, seminars, credit classes, training sessions, public information discussions, conference planning sessions, employment interviews, unemployment hearings, professional development programs, and many other business needs.

Audio Conferencing Pointers

  • Speak directly into the receiver
  • Identify yourself when you speak
  • Make sure you are in a quiet room with no background noise
  • Avoid excessive movement, keyboarding, or jostling of papers
  • Put the phone on mute when you are not talking 

Audio Conferencing

NDIT has transitioned their audio conferencing service from Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC) to Pexip bridging. Pexip can be used as an individual reservationless audio conferencing application with web collaboration features. Individuals have the ability to schedule meetings in advance through the NDIT Service Desk or launch them ad hoc if they have a dedicated Pexip Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). Voice participants can connect using a conventional desk phone, cell phone, or headset using a web browser.

Individual Pexip accounts (VMRs) are required for any user in your agency wishing to host an ad hoc audio or web conference event outside of MS Teams.  However, accounts are not required for individuals simply participating in the event.  Events that will host over 75 participants should still be coordinated through the NDIT Service Desk.  If more participants than 75 are required, a ticket should be submitted to make NDIT aware of the event.  Each large scale event can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The web-browser component of Pexip can be used to manage the audio-only event, take attendance, or simply participate in the conference in place of a conventional phone.  How to Join a Pexip Audio Conference from a web-browser

Requesting Service

To request this service, NDIT's online Work Management System (WMS) may be used to submit a "Network Services" request for a Pexip VMR.

Pexip Reference Guides

ND University System's Advanced Learning Technologies

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Pexip audio/video conferencing VMR $16.75/each $155.00/conf. number
Scheduled Audio Conference $25.00/conference call