Broadband connections are for small offices to connect to the statewide network.

Agencies who have broadband connectivity (DSL, cable, wireless, satellite, cellular) will see a broadband add-on charge in addition to vendor cost of the broadband connection.

  • The premium add-on will apply to locations that require network to network connectivity and will come with extended support hours.
  • The basic add-on will apply to locations that have six or less connections and do not require the network to network connectivity or extended support hours.
  • The residential add-on will apply to single person locations that do not need network to network connectivity or extended support hours.
Current Rate: 
45.00/Res., 90.00/Basic, 175.00/Premium
Current One Time Fee: 
970.00/circuit for Premium or Basic CPE
Current Rate Effective Date: 
July, 2017 to June, 2019
Budgeted Rate: 
45.00/Res., 90.00/Basic, 175.00/Premium
Budgeted One Time Fee: 
970.00/circuit for Premium or Basic CPE
Budgeted Rate Effective Date: 
July, 2019 to June, 2021
Billing Code: 
Report ID: 
Reports-WAN Access Charges