Goals and Objectives

Eide Bailly has completed an analysis of the Desktop Support environment for the State of North Dakota. The review was completed to satisfy the legislative intent of SB 2021. Section nine of that bill requires the Information Technology Department (ITD) to perform a "study of all state agencies' information technology desktop support to determine the feasibility and desirability of centralization of desktop support services through the information technology department for all state agencies."

As part of this study, the current Desktop Support staffing models, processes and tools were all evaluated to determine a recommendation for a future Desktop Support model. As part of our analysis, Eide Bailly compared the overall costs of Desktop Support within the State of North Dakota’s environment to industry benchmarks and best practices.

Final Report

Information Gathering

Support Staff by North Dakota State Agency
Agency Total FTE's # of Locations Total IT staff IT staff by role Type of support received from ITD
Adjutant General   1 - Bismarck, Remote Staff, Temporary Facilities When Needed 4 1 - Manager, 2 - Support Staff (Note: .50 FTE Doing "Desktop Support") Server Host (Still have about 12 servers at Barracks - not ITD DC), Network, Phone
Administrative Hearings 5 1 0.5 Administrative Staff Officer (Provides webpage, hardware & software support) Escalation point for Frances (onsite IT), phones, network. ProLaw
Aeronautics Commission 5 1 0   System support
Agriculture Department 77 (Up to 100 w/ Temps) 2 - Both in Bismarck, Plus Remote Staff 1 1 - Support, Deployment, Web, Databases Implementing support through ITD today (ITD will be first call), All Network, Hosting & Phone provided by ITD
Arts, ND Council on the 5 2 - Bismarck & Fargo 0 n/a no desktop support at this time - does provide phone service, data processing, file/folder share, occasionally uses their help desk, website support
Attorney Generals Office 220 18 - 6 in Bismarck & 12 spread across ND 14 + 1 Temp part time 1 Desktop support and 1 Help Desk (not full time) WAN, AS400, Hosted servers , WSUS, Phone
Auditors Office, ND State 56 3 - Capital, Bismarck Satellite Office and Fargo 5 5 - This team's primary responsibility is conducting agency IT audits Hosting, Network, Phones
Bank of North Dakota 179.5 (189 w/ Temps) 2 - Bismarck & Grand Forks (1 FTE in Grand Forks) 15 * See Org Chart (4 FTEs dedicated to support - including Manager) Hosting, First Call Help Desk, Network, Voice
Career and Technical Education 27 1 0 n/a They have a few staff members who have some technical skills that they utilize first for support, otherwise all support requests go to ITD
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy 9 2 0 n/a All services - they use NRG to supplement ITD desktop support
Commerce Department 70.25 2 remote users
1 location
0.75 IT Managers Network and Phone support
DOCR - Juvenile 900 'users' 5 (SP-Bismarck, MRCC-Bismarck, YCC-Mandan, DWCRC-New England, JRCC-Jamestown) 5 5 (4 Network Engineers / Admins, 1 Manager) Some Servers (i.e. Hospital, Dentist systems), everything else internal
Fair Association 26 1 0   Very little. They hardly ever call them, they call a different vendor for support.
Financial Institutions 30 2 1 (Doug) 1 (Not full time) Escalations go from Doug to ITD
Game & Fish Department 158 (+40 - 50 Seasonal) Williston, Dickinson, Riverdale, Harvey / LoanTree, Devils Lake, Bismarck Shop, Bismarck Office, Jamestown 2 (Not Just IT) 2 - "Communication & Network Specialists" (Do more that just support, they also assist in department projects) Hosting, Network, Phones
Governor's Office 18 2 Floors - Ground & 1st floor 0 Jan is a point of contact, but is not an IT person Desk phone (Avaya), Cell Phones, Computers, Conference equipment
Health Department 354 Multiple Bismarck locations 8 Each Section has an IT Coordinator (they also do Desktop Support) (2 Sections have 2 IT staff) Hosting, Network, Phones (Some servers are Department of Heath are not required to be ITD hosted)
Highway Patrol 213 18 (plus laptops in squad cars) 4   Software Development.
Historical Society ND, State 69 10 (some locations are seasonal) 1 Computer and Network Specialist network, backups, email, phone - but no desktop support
Human Services 2200 Regional Service Centers (7), Child Support Centers (7 - ?), State Hospital (Jamestown), Developmental Center (Grafton), Multiple Sites In Bismarck, Rolla & Grafton Extension Sites and approximately 100 staff working remotely See IT Org Chart Desktop Support Staff: 2.5 FTEs @ State Office, 3 FTEs + 2.5 Temps @ Human Service Centers, 1 FTE @ Developmental Center, 1 FTE & .5 Temps @ State Hospital Hosting, Network, Phones
Indian Affairs Commission 5 1 0 n/a All the support they require - desktop support, software, phones, network, etc.
Industrial Commission (Department of Mineral Resources) 87 4 3 DBA, Data Processing, Administrator Email, phone, WAN, State Land, PeopleSoft
Information Technology Dept.          
Insurance Department 50 Bismarck & 1 Remote staff in Fargo 1 1 Person does everything (not full-time Desktop Support) Hosting, Network, Phones, Email, Active Directory
Job Service 250 15 / 16 Regional Offices 23 3 FTEs are support First Call Help Desk, Hosting (No Mainframe - it is at JSND), Network and Phones
Labor, Department of 13 2 0 n/a Databases, Phones, Servers, Network
Legal Counsel for Indigents 65 8 0 0 First call/contact. If ITD can't help they go to NRG for estimate/fix
Library, State 29.75 1 1.5 Information Technology Coordinator/Electronic Technician The network infrastructure ( on ITDs network), Server Storage, and tasks they don’t have the network permissions to do such as adding Email users in Active directory, changing caller the ID name on Avaya phones, activate ports on ITD switches, …etc.
ND Public Finance Authority 40 2 - Bismarck & Fargo 2 1 Programmer and 1 Hardware/Software Support Person Network and Phone support
Office of Management & Budget 130 5 1 There are 5 IT liaisons (one at each location) that do initial troubleshooting before escalating to Jody. PC Install/Deployment on an 'as needed' basis.
Parks & Recreation Department 50 14 1 IT Coordinator Phones, email, network, software programming, web hosting
Protection & Advocacy 28 10 0 n/a Assists with anything they needs help with
Public Employees Retire System 33 1 3 All are IT Coordinators Infrastructure, Connectivity, ITD houses their servers and databases
Public Instruction 99.75 7 12 2 Desktop Support (1FTE currently vacant), 10 Developers They provide network services, Active Directory, Antivirus, Procurement.
Public Service Commission 44 1 3 The do not have any dedicated to desktop support because all employees are either scientists, engineers, IT or accountants who can provide their own desktop support Email, Communicator, Phone
Retirement & Invest Office 19 1 2 1 Supervisor and 1 IT Coordinator Help Desk when necessary, phones, servers
School for the Blind 28 5 2 @ 30% Help Desk 'help'…nothing clearly identified Escalation support (3-5x/year)
School for the Deaf 44 Outreach offices: Raleigh, Minot, GF, Grand Forks, Fargo and Bismarck
Agency office in Bismarck (majority of staff is located here)
1 Technology Coordinator (computer and network specialist) Wiring, phones, video conferencing, website, PeopleSoft, IVN
Secretary of State 40 1 (many people travel throughout the state 0 0 All support starts with ITD
Securities Commissioner 9 2 0 n/a SQL, email, network, Securities DB
Seed Department 35 2 - Fargo and Grafton 0 n/a Licensing, certificates, Email, Static Web Page Hosting
Tax Commissioner 134 7 7 3 Software Developers, 2 Data processing coordinators, 2 Desktop Support Networking, Server Hosting, Programming, Antivirus, SCCM (Microsoft System Center), Active Directory, Group Policy
Transportation, Department of 1090 Bismarck & 8 district office locations (Plus several additional smaller sites like drivers license centers) 51 9 FTEs are support related ("Computer and Network Services") Hosting, Network, Phone, Email and Active Directory
Treasurer's Office 8 1 0 0 Desktop, Web/Software Development/Maintenance, Mobile Device support
Trust Lands, Department of 28 1 - but some field people offsite 3 2 Software dev/programming
1 Network specialist
No desktop support at this time
Server administrations/file print/web server/ EDMs/ FileNet
University System 20 4 - Bismarck, Grand Forks, Fargo, Minot 0 n/a Desktop support, Network, project management, phones, hosting of People Soft, hosting of servers for Finance and HR, video conferencing
Veterans Affairs Dept. 8 2 - Bismarck & Fargo 0 n/a Any State related issues such as email, hooking up to the network, network backups
Veteran's Home 120 1 - Lisbon 1 IT Manager Email, network, long distance service
Water Commission 90 3 + 1 remote worker 4 4 Developers that also provide support when needed. Estimated .25-.5 FTE time for Desktop support Network, Email.
Workforce Safety and Insurance 250 6 regional offices: Dickinson, Bismarck (Main), Jamestown, Fargo, Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Minot, Williston 3 3 'Desktop Support' people (have 14 'IT' people additionally) All infrastructure (Servers, firewall, wires, wireless, phones)

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Support Costs by North Dakota State Agency
Agency IT Support Costs
Adjutant General .50 FTEs doing desktop support
Administrative Hearings > $500 per year
Aeronautics Commission Desktop Support - $10,600 biennium (2 years)
ITD - Data processing - $30,000 biennium
Phone System - $12,000 biennium
Agriculture Department $4,000 /month (ITD Contract Amount)
Arts, ND Council on the biennium - $2,400
Attorney Generals Office Approximately 1 FTE (See Support Staff for details)
Auditors Office, ND State Approximately 20 - 25% of IT audit team is support, Approximately $140,000 per year internal cost, Approximately 1 - 1.25 FTEs
Bank of North Dakota  
Career and Technical Education $0
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy $460 for NRG per month
Commerce Department $3,822 per year
DOCR - Juvenile  
Fair Association Maybe $150 per year. Their current desktop support vendor is a friend so they get most of their support for free
Financial Institutions 30% of 1 FTE
Game & Fish Department 40 - 50% of an FTE
Governor's Office Support $2,000 per month
Communications $900
Cellular $800
Health Department 5-10% of IT Coordinator Time (8 IT Coordinators)
Highway Patrol  
Historical Society ND, State $3000 per year
Human Services 11.5 FTEs; however, these staff do more than just "support" (estimate 50% as Desktop Support)
Indian Affairs Commission $390.10 - $526.70 per month
Industrial Commission  
Information Technology Dept.  
Insurance Department Unknown
Job Service $133,500 (Salaries only for 3 Help Desk staff) + Unknown ITD costs for first call Help Desk
Labor, Department of $67 per hours for Silicon Plains- only use them once ever 1-2 months
Legal Counsel for Indigents Varies, mostly hardware. $130/hr at NRG
Library, State $20,000 annual
ND Public Finance Authority $13,000 per year
Office of Management & Budget  
Parks & Recreation Department $1000 per month
Protection & Advocacy unable to provide an amount because it varies too much
Public Employees Retire System $5,100 per year
Public Instruction  
Public Service Commission It is so insignificant that they not measure or track this cost
Retirement & Invest Office $5,000 per year
School for the Blind ITD=Free. 30% of 2 FTE's time is for IT Support…wouldn't elaborate on what it would be.
School for the Deaf $9,952 biennium
Secretary of State $4,000 / Month
Securities Commissioner Desktop support currently $130 per hour
Yearly costs;
2013 - $130
2012 - $195
2011 - $585
2010 - $520
Seed Department $3,000 per year
Tax Commissioner $26,150 Annually; Based on Position Description Percentage for Each Employee.
Transportation, Department of 8 - 9 FTEs, but they also do other work beyond desktop support
Treasurer's Office $1,125 during FY 2013
Trust Lands, Department of Very minimal- they cannot pull out this minimal cost from their overall IT Cost
University System Very minimal - They cannot even guess at this cost
Veterans Affairs Dept. $400 per month for Nortridge & VetraSpec support contracts
Veteran's Home $5,000-$8,000 biennium
Water Commission One quarter of an FTE
Workforce Safety and Insurance $160,226/yr (Steve & 2 technicians)

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Contractor Usage by North Dakota State Agency
Agency Contractor Name Type of use Frequency
Adjutant General Software Vendors Only N/A N/A
Administrative Hearings ProLaw Installation, maintenance, support This is a new contractor so they are unsure how much they will be using them
Aeronautics Commission Web Com
Vision Technologies
Desktop Support 1 a week
1 a month
Agriculture Department None used N/A N/A
Arts, ND Council on the NRG Support 4-5 times a year
Attorney Generals Office None used N/A N/A
Auditors Office, ND State None used N/A N/A
Bank of North Dakota Software Vendors Only N/A N/A
Career and Technical Education Nexis SharePoint Support Once a month
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy NRG Desktop Support 5 times a month
Commerce Department Summit Software
Harland Financial
Maintenance & Support
Backup financial software
1-2 times a month
DOCR - Juvenile Some smaller pieces of Hospital software (IE R-Care Magnum) Software Support rarely
Fair Association Bitz Communication Desktop Support, Backups, application support A couple of times a year
Financial Institutions NRG Escalations ITD can't handle 3-5/year
Game & Fish Department None used N/A N/A
Governor's Office None used    
Health Department None used N/A N/A
Highway Patrol Verizon for network to Squad cars. A company in Japan supports the digital video in the cars.    
Historical Society ND, State      
Human Services Software Vendors Only N/A N/A
Indian Affairs Commission None used    
Industrial Commission      
Information Technology Dept.      
Insurance Department None used N/A N/A
Job Service Software Vendors Only N/A N/A
Labor, Department of Silicon Plains Desktop Support once every 1-2 months
Legal Counsel for Indigents NRG Advanced IT Support Multiple times per month
Library, State Data Management READS (audiobook support) Weekly
ND Public Finance Authority      
Office of Management & Budget      
Parks & Recreation Department ND Association of counties They do not use them currently and when the contract expires it will not be renewed  
Protection & Advocacy NRG Desktop support occasionally
Public Employees Retire System None used    
Public Instruction None used    
Public Service Commission None used    
Retirement & Invest Office CPAS Accounting Software issue support & enhancements weekly
School for the Blind Screen Reader Apps (Many vendors), Peach Tree, Adaptive Equipment Most common questions are for the screen reader apps that they help support for the school or clients, more operation related than 'fix' related. A 'handful' of times per year, no tracking.
School for the Deaf AVI
Captell & CaptionCall
SMART Technologies
Support & Maint for IVN
Maintenance for Caption Phones
Video Phone support
Warranty & Support for Smart boards & projectors
Maint/Support - Instant Alert web based software
Supports Power School web based software
Once a quarter
Whenever the vendor pushes out updates
Once a year
Once every 6 months
Once a year
Secretary of State ITD, B-Pro & Election Systems Software Escalations & Software Support Multiple times per month
Securities Commissioner Lexus Nexis
Software support
IT Support
Every day
Just a few times
Seed Department Advanced Midwest Solution IT Support once every 2 months
Tax Commissioner Fast Enterprises GenTax Daily-Onsite (Currently paying for 2 FTE, 5FTE on site due to this office being a 'training site'.)
Transportation, Department of None used N/A N/A
Treasurer's Office ITD Troubleshooting, fixing stuff Varies from daily to weekly to monthly
Trust Lands, Department of None used    
University System Microsoft
System Information Technology Support Group
Office 365 Support
IT Support
Veterans Affairs Dept. MinnDak Computer Services Software and Desktop Support Maybe once per quarter
Veteran's Home HP & Dell Warranty  
Water Commission None Used N/A N/A
Workforce Safety and Insurance ITD only Server/Infrastructure support daily

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Desktop Deployment by North Dakota State Agency
Agency Hardware requirements Desktop setup Standards followed Encryption used Other Desktop Technologies (Thin clients, Printers, etc.) Infrastructure Location (Where are servers located?)
Adjutant General Often unique hardware requirements for unique systems HP Desktops, 40% Laptops State Standard, Extend State Standards When Needed None Printers and other normal devices Frain Barracks (In concrete "bunker")
Administrative Hearings State Standard Frances sets them up   None 2 Epson Scanners, 2 HP Printers everything is w/ ITD
Aeronautics Commission none none Office None Printers - 5 Capital building
Agriculture Department HP - State Standards 130 Total Machines (Laptop / Desktop Mix) Follow State Standards None Printers and other normal devices ITD Data Center
Arts, ND Council on the no none     5 printers ITG
Attorney Generals Office State Standards  Imaging using Altiris Stats with a basic Windows 7 image and then they deploy a package of common apps. Then they add additional software as needed either manually or via Altriris   Yes  External hard drives, document scanners, barcode scanners, flash drives, label printers, wireless mice, currency scanners, UPS, various adapters and equipment for computer forensics ITD & Attorney General's Office 
Auditors Office, ND State HP - State Standards Agency IT team completes, including manual rebuilding of machines when needed Follow State Standards Yes Printers ITD
Bank of North Dakota Buy of State Contract - Generally base models, some customization when needed 350 Total Desktops & Laptops Follow State Standards Yes - Bit Locker Printers and other normal devices ITD (Some security servers at BND location)
Career and Technical Education State Standard They set up their own desktops None none 4 HP printers ITD
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy State Standard NRG sets up each desktop. NRG will create a work order for ITD if their assistance is needed for the set up   None 1 HP copier, 1 HP Printer, Video Conferencing (IVAN) ITD
Commerce Department no - just general PCS are fine No - standard OS, office, some have Adobe, some may have WP or Microsoft Suite   None Printers - 6 networked & less than 24 personal 1 onsite (located in the development funds area)
DOCR - Juvenile None Standard machines, nothing unique None No None outside of office basics Mostly at the SP, a couple hosted servers @ ITD
Fair Association            
Financial Institutions None Standard machines, nothing unique None Yes (Self Encrypting on all but 7 machines, software encryption on the rest) Programs installed that are maintained/managed by FDIC, Federal Reserve, ARIES, Records Management (database hosted by ITD) Servers @ ITD
Game & Fish Department Follow State standards and buy off WSCA Standard configuration (Office, etc.) (Several; unique agency applications as well) Follow State standards and buy off WSCA None    
Governor's Office Defined by ITD (Lynette Bosch tells them what technologies to buy) Outlook, Explorer, Adobe, Remote Access Defined by ITD New laptops (for senior staff) use encryption None  
Health Department Generally follow ITD standards - customize when needed Completed by Section IT staff ITD WSCA configurations - when appropriate Yes - Limited Printers, Lab Instrument PCs ITD and other Health Department locations
Highway Patrol State Standard (No media burners)     Netmotion laptop encryption (165 devices) 5 iPads, 2 Windows 8 Tablets ITD, 1 Federal server located on site.
Historical Society ND, State       No   everything is w/ ITD
Human Services Follow State standards and buy off WSCA Completed by Agency IT staff, different build by function   Moving towards ITD standard Wave system   ITD & State Hospital
Indian Affairs Commission State Standard ITD Standards None None 2 wireless HP Printers ITD
Industrial Commission            
Information Technology Dept.            
Insurance Department Follow State standards and buy off WSCA   Follow ITD WSCA standards No Printers ITD
Job Service Follow State standards and buy off WSCA Build Machines Manually - When Too Unique and use SCCM for imaging ITD / WSCA Configs when appropriate      
Labor, Department of State Standard Typical setup None none 5 HP Printers, 1 Cannon Copier ITD
Legal Counsel for Indigents None Standard machines, nothing unique None No None, outside of basic Office, they use a web service for their 'unique' needs Servers @ ITD
Library, State State Standard Typical setup - Sometimes they use images None None 12 HP Printers and copier, Proprietary Recording system (for recording books), in one of their locations they are moving towards thin clients, 2 Xerox copy machines, they have a computer lab for patrons that have 7 desktops and 3 laptops ITD- they have a local NAS and Drobo
ND Public Finance Authority They build their own PCs w/ solid state drives and dual monitors They utilize imaging   None 10 Cannon Scanners 4 local servers (they have an exemption from ITD) - Exchange server and backups
Office of Management & Budget State Standards ITD Standards Defined by ITD, PCs deployed using SCCM (Microsoft System Center). None 1 remote VPN user. 110 computers, majority of them are laptops. ITD
Parks & Recreation Department State Standard IT Coordinator sets up each desktop and installs software   None Dual monitors, 1-2 HP printers in each location, 1 Cannon copier at each location ITD
Protection & Advocacy State Standard   None None 12 HP Printers, 1 multifunction printer/scanner/copier ITD
Public Employees Retire System State Standard Setup computer 1 at a time - no imaging. IT Coordinators set up desktops   None 4 HP Network Printers, 1 Cannon Multifunction printer, 1 Kyocera multifunction printer, 4 HP desktop printers ITD server farm. They also have 1 file and 1 print server onsite with the agency
Public Instruction State Standard ITD Standards Defined by ITD None. VPN is used when mobile. Policies in place to not take data offsite. None ITD
Public Service Commission Hardware requirements are determined by business that is being supported. They do not have a single desktop that is set up the same due to business and technology needs Software requirements are determined by business that is being supported. They do not have a single desktop that has the same software due to business and technology needs Based solely on the requirements and technology needs of the business being support. None. All of their information is open for public record. 2 Printer/Copies and 1 Heavy Plotter Across the hall from them on the 13th floor in the state capital building in a lock, secured vault.
Retirement & Invest Office State Standard (high performance standard) The set up desktops themselves none none 3 Printers (Cannon, HP & Dell), 5 Dell laser desktop printers ITD
School for the Blind None Gary & Laurie do most of the 'customizing' None No Screen readers, adaptive equipment 1 Server onsite (Exempt) for teaching purposes)
School for the Deaf Typically they follow state standards but may on occasion increase RAM & Processing power for OutReach people Office Suite & VPN for the business office people   None smart boards, projectors, printers no
Secretary of State ITD Managed ITD Managed ITD Managed Doesn't believe so None Servers @ ITD
Securities Commissioner State Standard Doug or NRG will set up the desktop None ITD provides encryption for email 2 HP Printers, 1 Scanner, 1 Dymo label printer, 2 desktop printers ITD
Seed Department State Standard Typical set up, plus drives and ODBC to run their custom software None None Dual Monitors, 5 Smartphones The have local servers. DNS, DHCP, Exchange, ARGUS server, 6 Virtual servers, SAN, Sonic Firewall
Tax Commissioner They follow state standards. Standard PC 4Gb RAM, Performance PC 8Gb RAM with Intel Core i5 or i7 Windows 7 EA Standards None on Desktops. SafeND (provided by ITD) encryption on Laptops.   ITD
Transportation, Department of Follow ITD's "high" standard and extend when needed

Lots of custom configurations for unique needs

Completed by agency IT staff Dell Laptops & HP Desktops Yes - Very limited use Technology in planes & snowplows

Public driver's license machines

Scanners / Document Management

ITD Data Center
Treasurer's Office Minimal, but with added RAM ITD Standards ITD Standards ??? Nothing comes to mind Not sure. J-Wing…maybe?
Trust Lands, Department of They require a lot of "horse power" to run GIS software VPN, Crystal reports, MS Web Service Connections, .Net Framework, GIS Software   None 5 Printers and 1 Plotter ITD
University System They are trying to standardize. Currently using both Apply and Windows hardware. SITS (System Information Technology Support Group) creates and images and ITD pushes the image to the desktop   Yes 20 HP Printers, 4 Multifunction copiers All w/ ITD, except People Soft's campus solution module is hosted in Grand Forks
Veterans Affairs Dept. State Standard Cathy Halguns setups up all new Desktops None none 11 Printers (HP, Brother, Epson), 5 Docking Stations, 1 Scanner, 1 Copier ITD
Veteran's Home None IT manager sets them up HIPPA - separate ePHI Yes - HIPPA HiTech Requirements 40 desktop printers, 1 copier They have 2 SQL servers onsite to run their Medical Records software. They will be moving to a SAAS environment. They also have their own local phone system
Water Commission Non standard. All Apple hardware. 32Gb of RAM. Very customized for applications used for scientific measuring. None No Using virtual PCs (Linux and windows) on Apple desktop Apple servers on site, some at ITD.
Workforce Safety and Insurance None Standard machines, nothing unique WSI has their own 'packages' depending on role. 125 laptops, not on desktops CMS, PIC's, Work Manager (all built in-house) ITD

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Devices and Apps Supported by North Dakota State Agency
Agency Device type Major applications supported Mix of Operating Systems
Adjutant General iPads & Smartphones (Qty ?) 911 System, Switch - Driver's License Check, State Radio System, Windows 7 (Some lingering Windows XP)
Administrative Hearings 2 iPads Office, ProLaw (on app server @ ITD), Adobe Design CS4 Windows 7
Aeronautics Commission iPad Microsoft Suite, Aircraft registration (Air IQ) XP and Windows 7
Agriculture Department 5 - iPads, 35 - 40 Smartphones PPP - Private Practitioners Portal, ATD - Animal Tracking Database, Permitting system and Many Access DBs Windows 7 ( a few XP), 2 Macs
Arts, ND Council on the 1 Droid phone Creative Suite, Office, PeopleSoft (Web based from ITD), online Grant System, Access Windows 7 and XP
Attorney Generals Office 231 Desktops, 151 Laptops, 108 smartphones/tablets, 56 printers, 25 multifunction copier/printer/scanner, projects, video conferencing systems SharePoint, Microsoft 75+ specialty desktop applications Windows 7
Auditors Office, ND State PCs & Laptops (Total of 55) TeamMate (Audit Software), Office Windows 7
Bank of North Dakota 30 Tables & Smartphones (Apple, Android & Microsoft) Core Banking - FiServe (Hosted by FiServe & They Do System Admin), Student Loan - HELMS (ITD Hosted & Admin), Item Processing - FIS (Check Imaging), Investment Application - Sunguard (ASP by Sunguard), ACH - PEP Plus (ASP application hosted by FiServe) (ASP - hosted by FiServe), Wire Transfer - Pay Plus (Fund Tech) (Located at the bank now, but moving to ITD for admin and physically by October 1), On-line Banking For Commercial Cash Plus (Fund Tech) (ASP application), Priority Guarantor System (PGS) - a homegrown application built in java / webshpere (Guaranteeing loans issued) (Over 180 total applications supported) Windows 7 A few lingering Windows XP)
Career and Technical Education 1 windows based smartphone and 1 iPad Office Windows 7
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy 1 Samsung Smartphone Adobe Design, Office, Internet Browsers Windows XP and 78
Commerce Department 2 Surface Tablets
10 iPads
15 Phones (mostly iPhone w/ a few Droids)
Dynamics CRM, Sparaks System (Loan Software for ND Dev Fund), in the process of phasing out their old CRM system (in house developed) Windows 7, XP (just a few)
DOCR - Juvenile 1000+ devices (30% laptops), not including printers - various brands Offender Management System (OMS), Unique security systems, 'School' based systems, AutoCAD, law library, smart boards All sorts of stuff. Mostly Windows 7 but have plenty of variety.
Fair Association Security Cameras - SRT Communications provided, unsure of brand Office, QuickBooks XP and Windows 7
Financial Institutions 28 Laptops, 2 Desktops, 7 department issued phones, 10 printers (6 networked) - Various Brands ARIES, FDIC, Federal Reserve, Records Management (Oracle Database) Mostly Windows 7 now for machines
Game & Fish Department 75 - 100 Smartphones (No Tablets) On-line Services (License & Lottery System), Drupel for our website (Internal staff at G&F do this development - done in Communication division, not IT), Web Information System - )Outdoor subscriptions, Private Land Records, Land Owner Agreements, Survey Data), Deer Depredation Database, Keep track of all the land the department owns in a web app / database and Cost Tracking System (Record Staff Time & Expenses - Meals, lodging and fleet services) (Then this information is loaded into PeopleSoft) (Budget off of this - state PeopleSoft cannot give us the details) Windows 7 with a few legacy XP machines, A few Macs
Governor's Office iPad (5 of them), Digital Camera (a small handheld) Drupal Windows 7
Health Department 600+ Laptops & Desktops SaaS, LIMS (2 Systems), SPSS, ASPEN, Oasis, NBS Reporting, Nurse Registry, Chromatography Data System, Instrument Software, MS Access Databases (multiple), GIS Applications, Exchange Network Node and Vital Records Web Applications Windows 7
Highway Patrol Squad car lights, breathalyzers, Squad car cameras Office 2007 & 2010, "Accident reconstruction software", "Trucks - mileage & hazmat software", Software for door access for over 100 doors at the Capital. Firmware for Squad car lights & breathalyzers. 4 XP, Remaining Windows 7, 2-3 Windows 8
Historical Society ND, State     Windows 7
Human Services 8 Tablets (all iPads), 37 State Issues Smartphones (iPhones or Samsung Galaxy S III / IV) Most widely used is ROAP, but each program typically has a unique application as well (See documentation provided by DHS for additional details) 75% Windows 7, expect to be all Windows 7 by the end of Q1 next year
Indian Affairs Commission 2 smartphones Office, Windows Video Marker, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Windows 7
Industrial Commission      
Information Technology Dept.      
Insurance Department 4 Desktops Office, Custom PowerBuilder Applications, FileNet Windows 7 (A couple XP machines - will be transitioned with next purchase)
Job Service 620 - Desktops & Laptops UI Ice, U Easy, Secure FTP, JobsND.com, Intranet, VOS, ND Workforce Connection and several other smaller agency applications. Mostly Windows 7
Labor, Department of 2 iPhones Office, Nuance PDF converter, Labeling software Windows 7
Legal Counsel for Indigents Fargo: 7desktop, 2Laptop, 6printers, Grand forks: 8d, 1L, 5p, VC: 5d, 3L, 3p, Dickinson: 5d, 2L, 3p, Williston: 7d, 1L, 5p, Minot: 6d, 2L, 4p, Minot2: 2d, 1L, 1p, Bismarck: 8d, 2L, 6p. 21 smart phones (Mainly iPhones with a few Androids) None, web based services & email Mostly Windows 7 now for machines
Library, State Microfiche machines, Book scanner, Zebra label printer, Security Cameras, Shredders, Typewriters ODIN, OCLC (International bibliographic library), READS (audiobooks), PBL, Teleport, Office, Communicator, Horizon, Voyager Windows XP and 7
ND Public Finance Authority Dell Notebooks, 2 Smartphones Office, House Development Software, Servicing System (Accounting Software) Windows 7
Office of Management & Budget Printers MFP, projectors, 3 wireless scanners for asset management (these lose memory if batteries die), Dictation devices including foot pedal. 19 state issued cell phones, 2 iPads. Adobe Pro Std, Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, MicroMain (work orders for facilities), VPN, Lexus Nexus, iBars, Andover heating and cooling system, System Antivirus (provided by ITD). FileNet for scanning. Printshop uses "pit stop pro" for editing before editing goes to the copier. PeopleSoft for HR. Office 2010, waiting on ITD for Office 2013. XP and Windows 7.
Parks & Recreation Department 5 iPads, 17 iPhones Reservation System (web based), AutoCAD 2013, Adobe Web Premium, Arc Map, Arc GIS, Office 2013, Symantec Windows 7 and 8
Protection & Advocacy None Office, Online Systems that are subscription based and not maintained by them Windows XP and 7
Public Employees Retire System 1 iPad, 1 Smartphone (provided/managed by ITD) PersLink, Office Currently moving to Windows 8
Public Instruction 20 iPads Office 2007, Adobe Reader, FireFox, DVD Burning software, ZIP & FTP utility. QuickTime, Radmin (remote admin), UltraEdit, MS SQL, MS Project, MSDN (STARS, ND-TEACH, application created by MIS are supported by them). Windows 7 and 1 Apple OSX desktop.
Public Service Commission Apple - iPad GIS and custom in house applications, very little of their software is off the shelf Windows 7 and Linux
Retirement & Invest Office 1 Blackberry Office, CPAS, Dynamics, Tumdi (Research Mgmt) Windows 7 (2 are 64 bit)
School for the Blind 6 laptops, 32 desktops, 2 iPhones, 6 iPads, 1 Surface, 1 Android, 2 Networked printers and a few desktop printers - Various Brands Used Basics, Alpha 5 database, 'vision' impaired related software. Mostly Windows 7 now for machines
School for the Deaf 8 Smart boards - Smart Brand
15 Projectors - Smart & Epson
17 iPads
5 iPods
Mobile phones thru the state
Office, Vipre, PowerSchool, Capturing Software, FileMaker Pro, Instant Alert Windows 7, a few XP
Secretary of State 40 (50/50 laptops/desktops), a handful of smart phones and 3 iPads - Various Brands Election Software, AS400 w/ webapps, DTM/Word Product, Image Plus Mostly Windows 7 now for machines
Securities Commissioner iPhones and Surface Tablets TimeMatter (Enforcement DB software), Office, Securities DB Windows 7
Seed Department 5 Smartphones State Seed Accounting Software (custom software), Office, Email Windows XP and 7
Tax Commissioner Scanners to OCR documents, Printers, Projectors (HP, Fujitsu, Xerox, Apple, Epson) Gentax, Office, Mainframe Windows 7
Transportation, Department of Smartphones and Tablets Many agency specific applications (200+) Windows 7
Treasurer's Office Smartphones (2), Tablet (Motorola, Apple) Probably none Android (2), Apple iOS
Trust Lands, Department of 1 iPad, 2 windows 8 tablets, camera, personal smart phones Office, SLIMs application (older C++ applications), .Net applications developed in house Windows XP, 7, 8
University System 20 iPads, iPhones, 2 LifeSize Video Conferencing Systems Office 365, SharePoint, Adobe Creative Suite Mac and Windows 7
Veterans Affairs Dept. 4 iPads, 1 Droid smartphone Office, Nortridge (Loan Software), VetraSpec Windows 7
Veteran's Home 25 Dell Tablets, 8 iPads, 1 smartphone, 3 Never to Late Large touchscreens Electronic Health Records Program, Office, Time Tracking/Scheduling software, Dite Master, Pharmacy Program XP and tablets are Windows 8
Water Commission Apple Desktops, iPhones & iPads Internally developed applications. (ARC Map, GIS, Aerial Image Dissemination System, LiDAR Dissemination System, Survey System, Flight Operations, Precipitation Stations, Retention Structures, Water Permits, Well Inventory) Apple OSX, Virtual (Windows & Linux)
Workforce Safety and Insurance 125 Laptops, 225 Desktops, BYOD mobile devices (Various Brands) Basics, internally developed and managed apps Mostly Windows 7 now for machines

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Support Tools by North Dakota State Agency
Agency Mobile device management Ticketing system Maintenance & monitoring Patch management
Adjutant General None - Waiting for this to mature None Bomgar for Remote Control WSUS
Administrative Hearings None None None WSUS
Aeronautics Commission iPhone, Droid - Provided by ITD WMS - ITD Maint - ITD ITD
Agriculture Department None - Looking into this with ITD None - Transitioning to ITD SCCM (from ITD) WSUS
Arts, ND Council on the None No None None
Attorney Generals Office ITD - Zenprise Heat Altiris (Imaging & Software Deployment), Network Inventory Advisor (Hardware & Software Inventory), Radmin (Remote Control)  WSUS
Auditors Office, ND State None - No mobile devices None None WSUS
Bank of North Dakota Yes - Limited, want more out of this Yes - ITD ITSM SCCM (from ITD) WSUS
Career and Technical Education None None Maintenance is done with manual updates
Monitoring: none
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy None None Performed by NRG Performed by NRG
Commerce Department None None Maint - Do updates and registry cleaning when people are having problems (Critical updates are automatically)
Monitoring - None
ITD - WSUS for critical patches
DOCR - Juvenile ITD Policies Service Desk+ None on user machines other than Windows Automatic updates. ITD owns servers. none
Fair Association None None None None
Financial Institutions ITD Policies No Symantec. none
Game & Fish Department Yes - Own Cisco Meraki solution None Altris Altiris
Governor's Office Provided by ITD online website for ITD, phone ITD ITD
Health Department Yes - For ITD mail connected devices None / WMS None Direct To Microsoft
Highway Patrol Netmotion Software from IntranetConnections.com None FileWave for Updates. ITD WSUS.
Historical Society ND, State use ITD's No Maintenance is done sporadically on desktops. No monitoring  
Human Services ITD WMS - ITD (No other ticketing system) WSUS from ITD, EZ Audit (Agency), LAN Guard (Agency), WMS for work tickets, Tight VNC for remote control (DHS only implementation), ITD's Symantec implementation, CloneZilla for imaging WSUS & LAN Guard
Indian Affairs Commission ITD None ITD ITD
Industrial Commission        
Information Technology Dept.        
Insurance Department None None None ITD WSUS
Job Service Yes - ITD (Limited) Heat (Shared with ITD) None ITD WSUS
Labor, Department of None None None None
Legal Counsel for Indigents ITD Policies ITD & NRG None on user machines other than Windows Automatic updates. ITD owns servers. None
Library, State None They use an Access DB Maint: critical updates are pushed weekly and Preventative maint is performed every 6 months, they do updates to software and open each case to blow out dust
Monitoring: Symantec
Critical windows updates are scheduled weekly
ND Public Finance Authority None In house developed system Auto updates for Maint
Monitoring: non
Office of Management & Budget None None None ITD WSUS, Plan is to use SCCM to deploy apps and bios updates.
Parks & Recreation Department None None Scheduled windows updates, no monitoring ITD WSUS and SCCM for Adobe
Protection & Advocacy None None Maint: End users are trained to perform basic maint tasks such as cleaning up temp files, defrag, and updates
Monitoring: none
Public Employees Retire System None None Maintenance - updates are scheduled and pushed from their File server for software such as Windows, Adobe, Antivirus, etc
Monitoring - non
Public Instruction None None - Uses paper None - Using ITD for network logs for FaceBook. Shavlik Netchk for Windows Updates and 3rd party updates.
Public Service Commission None None Maintenance - They perform their own maintenance
Monitoring - Antivirus only
Patches are deployed individually because they have to test each patch individually due to how critical their systems are. They do not use ITD WSUS.
Retirement & Invest Office None None Maint - ITD WSUS for updates
Monitoring: none
School for the Blind ITD Policies No Other than Windows updates, no none
School for the Deaf Apple Configurator None Maint - uses Vipre on her own server, critical patches, defrags are scheduled, (usually does most maint during the summer, not during the school year)
Monitoring - no
She uses her own WSUS
Secretary of State ITD Policies Not sure, but likely through ITD Whatever ITD has in place Whatever ITD has in place
Securities Commissioner None none Maint: scheduled tasks w/ Windows 7
Monitoring: none
ITD pushes patches
Seed Department Yes - their contractor provides this service but unsure what service is used None Maint: basic maintenance, auto updates and manually updating software
Monitoring: None
Antivirus updates are pushed from their server
Tax Commissioner None None They use LanSweeper internally to scan and monitor internal resources. Also use Microsoft SCCM (System Center) to manage PCs. Microsoft SCCM, ITD WSUS.
Transportation, Department of ITD System ITSM Altiris, Dameware ITD - WSUS
Treasurer's Office Unsure - ITD may provide ITD's None None
Trust Lands, Department of none None Update things as they are pushed out to their computers. No monitoring ITD - WSUS
University System        
Veterans Affairs Dept. ITD None Maint: Scheduled updates for windows and antivirus
Monitoring: None
Veteran's Home None None Maint: scheduled updates
Monitoring: Microsoft Baseline Security Advisor
Automatic & then they scan w/ Baseline analyzer
Water Commission Apple Configurator & Profile manager None None None
Workforce Safety and Insurance ITD Policies Heat Yes: ITD Windows SUS. Yes: ITD Windows SUS.

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Support Statistics and Methods by North Dakota State Agency
Agency Define Support Process Performance requirements / SLA's # of support requests per month Top 5 support requests Methods used to request support Reporting Knowledgebase
Adjutant General Contact agency IT staff directly when needed "Zero Downtime"   1. 911 System
2. ???? Switch - From 650 Officer Cars
3. State Radio
Phone, Email and Walk up None None
Administrative Hearings Frances is the first line of support and ITD is the next escalation none 10 1. Application/software support
2. Things not printing
Email, phone, walk up None None
Aeronautics Commission   none 3 1. Locked out of computer
2. Password
3. Network Disconnect
4. I Drive Disconnect
5. File restoration
WMS, phone email    
Agriculture Department Contact ITD for first call support (just transitioning), Contact agency IT for unique applications None - Defining this with ITD now Unknown 1. Agency Unique Applications
2. General PC Support (Passwords, Printing, etc.)
Email, Phone, On-line None None
Arts, ND Council on the First line of support is Amy, if Amy needs to escalate she will go to NRG, unless email (that goes to ITD) None 4-5 per year 1. New PC setup
2. Sounds/Speakers
3. Mouse issues
Phone none None
Attorney Generals Office Call or Email AG's help desk resources None Specifically Reported; However, several applications have high-availability / 24x7 support requirements 200 1. "Other" Software
2. Web Applications
3. Security
4. Email
Email, Phone Yes - Heat Reports Yes - Heat
Auditors Office, ND State Contact any of the IT audit staff for support None Approximately 3,400 support hours last year (Applications and Desktop) 1. TeamMate Software
2. Password Resets
3. Use of Software
Email, Phone None None
Bank of North Dakota Contact ITD for first call support, Escalate to BND IT staff when needed (Typically for application and on-site needs) None currently with ITD 400 - 500 (See sample ITSM report) See sample ITSM report Phone, Email ITSM Reports Available None
Career and Technical Education They have a few staff members who have some technical skills that they utilize first for support, otherwise all support requests go to ITD None <10 1. Outlook help
2. Updates
3. Monitor issues
4. Printer issues
Walk up and email None None
Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy They call NRG first for support and they will engage ITD if necessary None 5 1. Set up of new computers
2. Network Drive Access
3. Desktop crashes
Phone None None
Commerce Department Phone, email, communicator, stop in the hallway - records time in an excel sheet to track requests None 200+ 1. Outlook file not working (.pst files stored on network)
2. Accounts being locked
3. Equipment for meeting (projectors, etc)
4. Printers
5. Network drives not connecting
  Just time Microsoft website, CRM knowledge base on line
DOCR - Juvenile Passwords go to ITD, everything else internal. None     Phone/Email Available on request  
Fair Association They email Shelley (not an IT person) and she researches online for troubleshooting steps. If she cannot resolve the issue she contacts Bitz Communications None They only average a few a year General end user questions Phone none None
Financial Institutions Contact Doug, if Doug can't handle it he will escalate None 2/week IE certificates/compatibility, Passwords Email, Phone call None None
Game & Fish Department Phone and Email Agency IT Staff None (Very important during specific events though - Deer opener, License lotteries, etc.) Unknown 1) Password Resets
2) Equipment (GPSs and Phones)
3) Computer to Printer (e.g., Printing)
4) Network Speed & Performance
Email & Phone to Agency IT Staff None None
Governor's Office     Can get from ITD - maybe 10-15 per month 1. Password resets/People locked out
2. Loss of connectivity (email)
3. Communicator/Phones
  No reporting - not really needed  
Health Department Contact Section IT Coordinator directory None Unknown Would be different for each section (Generally program / Section software related) Email & Phone to Section IT Staff None None
Highway Patrol Support requests via phone. None   1. Network Slow
2. Printing Issues
3. Password reset (training has limited this issue)
Use IntranetConnections software from Manitoba Reporting using IntranetConnections software User created how to's on frequent issues.
Historical Society ND, State all support requests go to Gene. If he cannot resolve the issue, he will escalate to ITD none   1. Can't log in
2. Machine has locked up
3. video cards/monitors
email, walk up no Has a binder with details of how he has resolved issues
Human Services Staff contact local IT support resources None Unknown 1. ROAP
2. Other agency software support
Email, phone, walk up None None
Indian Affairs Commission All support requests are sent to ITD via phone None 2-Jan 1. Slowness or freezing of computers
2. Software installs
Phone None None
Industrial Commission              
Information Technology Dept              
Insurance Department Call or Email agency IT resource None Unknown 1. Password resets
2. Local agency application support
3. Query requests
Email, phone, walk up None None
Job Service ITD First Call, ITD escalates to agency IT staff None Unknown 1. Password resets (Mainframe & AD)
2. Mainframe support
3. Printing
Call or Email ITD Heat Reports Available None
Labor, Department of End users call ITD and if ITD cannot assist them they call Silicon Plains None 7-9 a YEAR 1. New computer setup Phone None None
Legal Counsel for Indigents First call to ITD. If ITD can help them, they will (mostly password related), otherwise they are directed to NRG. None five to ten Password, or finding info in web app. Occasional Office help. ITD request, then contact NRG None None
Library, State Ends users create ticket in Outlook None 30 1. Locked out
2. Expired password
Outlook Alloway for PC Specs None
ND Public Finance Authority Their IT staff support all issues (usually remotely) None 25 1. Printing on letterhead
2. Outlook - full email boxes
3. Scanners
4. Toner
phone, email, walk up No None
Office of Management & Budget Support requests go to 'IT Liaison' at each location first. If issue is not resolved it is escalated to Jody. None 5-6/day, 100/month 1. Password Lockout
2. Computer Slow
3. How do I (Excel/Word).
4. Flash/Shockwave issues
5. Printing
Issues are submitted via IM, Email or Phone. None Training documents, 'cheat sheets' created for specific issues (printer, copier, ipad related).
Parks & Recreation Department All desktop support requests go to the IT Coordinator None 100-150 1. Locked Out
2. Office 2013 questions
3. Software installs
4. Application support
Phone, Email None None
Protection & Advocacy Corinne tries to resolve all issues but she has no real IT training, if she is unable to resolve the issue she escalates to ITD None 40 1. Printing issues
2. Office help
3. Productivity Software help
4. Slowness issues
Phone, Email None Experts Exchange
Public Employees Retire System All support requests go to their IT Coordinators for resolution. If they are not able to resolve the issue, ITD is their next point of escalation None 30 1. Printer not printing
2. Unlocking accounts
3. Office end user support - "how to"
Phone, Email, IM, Walkup None None
Public Instruction Support requests are delivered via email, phone, IM or in person. None 50-150. Average of 75. 1. Locked Account
2. Wireless (specifically with docking stations)
3. Malware/Toolbar removal
4. Printer issues
5. Training
Phone, Email, IM, Walkup None (But a want for down the road) Informal 'how-to' documents for VPN, Webmail, WebEx, Office, Communicator
Public Service Commission Application Issues: They find the SME within their team to assist. 95% of their support is questions on how to use the application. Their hardware and software environment is very stable
System Issues: Call is placed to one of the 3 IT people
No define SLAs but the expectation is the issue at hand will be resolve in an expeditious manner Minimal 1. Email (Supported by ITD)
2. Communicator (Supported by ITD)
3. IP Phones (Supported by ITD)
Phone Antivirus Gartner
Retirement & Invest Office Call, walk up or email to their IT staff None 20 1. Network Connectivity
2. Password reset
3. Java
Phone, Email, walk up None none
School for the Blind Users call Gary/Laurie None 30-50/mo MS Office, Outlook, Alpha 5, Peripherals, Windows, Screen Readers Email, Phone call None None
School for the Deaf Kerry receives support request in a variety of ways (PinkNotes, call, email, handwritten notes, walk by in the hall way) and performs initial troubleshooting. If she cannot resolve the issue she will reach out to others who have more experience or vendors for help no 160 1. Computer Issues - keyboard, mouse, Toolbars missing
2. Software Questions
3. ITV
4. Webpage - providing updates
5. iPad/Smart board issues
  for her tech plans (1 to the state and 1 to the education technology council) she has to do a summary, she keeps a running tally of equipment that she uses for reporting purposes. Does them every 3 years and is reviewed throughout the year should there be an changes required None
Secretary of State Call ITD for everything There is one, but they aren't sure of what it is. If it's anything beyond password resets, many of the issues linger and take too long to be addressed. Not sure, several / week Imaging Support (re-occurring network drive access issues), Printing (network related), Password resets. Printer problems, machines have been good. Phone/Email Available on request (they think) Not sure
Securities Commissioner They utilize onsite resources and then escalate to ITD None 1 1. Printer issues Walk up, phone, email None None
Seed Department All support requests go to Kris and if she is not able to resolve the issue she escalates to their vendor None 4-Mar 1. Views in software
2. Printer issues
3. End user "lose thing and need help finding them" in the system
4. Hardware not working with software
walk up None None
Tax Commissioner Usually issues are reported via phone call that pertains to specific software. n/a 2-3. However can be upwards of 10 password resets a day. 1. Locked Account
2. Printing Issues
3. GenTax Issues
4. VoIP Issues
5. Field Office Issues
Phone, Email, In Person None. None
Transportation, Department of Call or email agency support resources Nothing formal - but high service expectations from users & public Unknown Variable Phone and email Available fro ITSM None
Treasurer's Office The one ITD currently uses for Desktop support. None Somewhere between 0 and 5 depending on the month 1. Difficulties working in/saving shared Excel files; 2. Configure/reconfigure machine for new employee; 3. Malware/Spyware removal Submitting work order& service request on WMS, ITSM through ITD website or calling the help desk. None None
Trust Lands, Department of Jayden will get a phone call, email or someone will catch him in the hallway None - use Customer satisfaction to measure performance 1-125 1. Power button issues
2. Monitor not working
3. Mouse/Monitor issues
4. Camera/Sound issues
5. Network connectivity issues
WMS request
University System   None   1. New user
2. Printer issues
Veterans Affairs Dept End users approach Cathy Halguns for support. If she is not able to resolve the issue she escalates to ITD or other vendors none 3 1. Locked out of account
2. Password reset
3. Printer issues
walk up none none
Veteran's Home IT manager provides all support and will escalate if necessary Resolutions w/in 1-2 days (HIPPA computers receive a higher priority) 10-May 1. Locked account
2. Password issues
3. Wireless access
4. Medical Records Program issues
phone, email HIPPA requires incident reports Microsoft and vendor provided sites
Water Commission End users track down Travis, Rod, Paul or Chris. Staff prefers to have support on site, not remote.   Unknown 1. Locked account
2. Email password reset
3. Printing Problems
4. Software support
Call or walk up none none
Workforce Safety and Insurance All goes through WSI None Pull from stats PICS (All Application related questions--Made a mistake, calculation didn't work right, need new certificate for premium), Password Resets (Application & AD), Video Conferencing Phone/Email Available on request None

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