Executive Summary

It is an exciting time to be serving the great state of North Dakota. While our state continues to be recognized by national publications as a great place to live, work and do business, Team ND also has the opportunity to help position the state for future success – in how we harness technology to meet the needs of our citizens today, and for future generations.

While we have made great strides over the past year, our greatest achievement isn't any singular milestone or project, but the herculean daily efforts by all of our IT professionals to support 250,000 network users, and maintain the systems, software and security that enables everyone in state government and our educational system to do their jobs more efficiently.

And we are doing much more than serving in a support capacity: we are being asked to help lead the state’s efforts to reinvent government, to provide policy expertise and to help agencies do business in new ways – to ask “how might we?" by identifying emerging technologies and best practices that can help us lead the nation as a world-class service provider and innovator.

Examples of the groundwork laid for these efforts include:

  • Ongoing unification efforts to provide a strong foundation for our future. By bringing together IT personnel to ensure a holistic, fully aligned approach to IT, we will create long-term efficiencies that will in turn enable a transformational approach to how we do business.
  • Creation of a Reinvention Office, led by new Chief Reinvention Officer Julie Cabinaw, and selection of a Chief Technology Officer.
  • Deploying new business intelligence tools like the Main Street Initiative dashboard, designed to help community leaders have access to more integrated, visual data to help grow healthy, vibrant, financially solvent communities.
  • Advancing our unified data efforts by working with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to connect data in disparate systems to better measure program outcomes, like Free Through Recovery.
  • Galvanizing support for a whole-of-government approach to growing our next generation of computer science and cyber security professionals with the “K-20W” initiative.
  • Launching a Statewide Citizen Experience Strategy and State Website Platform to enable a consistent, end-to-end experience across channels and departments.
  • Continuing to advance our cloud-first strategy to enable agile, responsive service delivery.
  • Successfully negotiating a new contract and upgrade for the statewide consolidated network, STAGEnet, to provide improved bandwidth for schools and state employees.

These are just a few of the transformative efforts our IT Shared Service team members have helped make possible this past year, and we will continue to implement ideas and solutions that demonstrate our commitment to Empowering People, Improving Lives and Inspiring Success. My hope is that you’ll find this updated annual report format more user-friendly and adaptable as we continue to expand and refine it to best communicate our efforts.

Thank you for your support of our mission and for helping create a future where we work collaboratively to best serve our citizens and our business partners.

Shawn Riley


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