The North Dakota State Banner is a slim, responsive banner that, in accordance with the Web Development Standard, must be displayed at the top of every state website and application. The banner code and implementation instructions are available on this page. If you have any issues implementing the banner, please contact ITD.

Implementation Instructions

Use the code below to place the banner on your site.

The paths used in the markup are absolute, so applications pull from a single location. If this causes issues with your application, you may choose to create a copy of the images in a location that works better with your application, in which case relative paths may be used. Also note that the banner utilizes an .svg , which can be problematic for some technologies. A PNG alternative can be found here:


<div role="banner" id="ndbanner">     
     <div id="ndbanner-ndgov">
         <a href=""><img width="270" height="30" alt="Official State of North Dakota Website" 

Attaching the CSS:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />