Guidelines For Using ArcGIS OnlinePosted: Jun 3, 2013News

ArcGIS Online (AGO) is a cloud-based solution from Esri that can be utilized to share data, services, maps, and applications.

ITD's Inventory SchedulePosted: May 16, 2013News

The Information Technology Department’s (ITD) physical inventory schedule began on Monday, May 20, 2013 and continues until the end of July.

Historical Imagery ProjectPosted: May 3, 2013News

In 2012 the North Dakota GIS Technical Committee (GISTC) developed a Historical Imagery Pilot Project to determine the feasibility and cost of creating one or more statewide and regional aerial imagery datasets that pre-date the 1995-1998 USGS DOQQs. This publicly available imagery will be used by multiple state agencies for change detection and analysis.

Goodbye to the Old GIS Hub ExplorerPosted: Apr 24, 2013News



After years of useful service, the time has come to begin to say goodbye to the old Hub Explorer. The old Hub Explorer is based on old, discontinued technology , which makes it difficult to maintain and in some cases, we are not able to add new data for use with that application. A little over a year ago the new Hub Explorer was announced.

Bob Nutsch, ITD's GIS Manager, provided valuable information in his blog titled, "Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode: Improving Performance of GIS Hub Applications."  

On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, Governor Dalrymple signed Senate Bill's 2033 and 2034. SB2033 changes the definition of a major IT project from $250,000 to $500,000 and SB2034 requires an executive steering committee to oversee a major IT project from start to finish, excluding Higher Education.

BYOD Challenges in State Government Posted: Mar 21, 2013News

As mobile technology becomes global, bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming more popular in state government. Lisa Feldner, Chief Information Officer for North Dakota’s Information Technology Department (ITD) was featured in a STATETECH article titled, “The State of BYOD in Local Government: 3 CIOs Speak Out.”

Large Project Oversight ReportPosted: Mar 8, 2013News

ITD has published its Large Project Oversight Report for the 4rd quarter of 2012.

The Office of the Secretary of State and ITD recently introduced the new Public Meeting Notices web application. Demonstrations of the application were presented in February 2013. Additional demonstrations have been scheduled for agency members that were unable to attend the previous sessions.

Does your agency have any outstanding projects at the application and infrastructure level? Nominations are being accepted for the 2013 Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA)