Project Management SLA CreatedPosted: Nov 21, 2013News

A new Project Management SLA has been created. In conjunction with ITD’s Enterprise Service Levels, it acts as a Service Level Agreement between ITD and all customers utilizing Project Management as a Contracted Service.

Legacy Email Domain Retiring Posted: Nov 19, 2013News

The “…” email domain is being retired on January 1, 2014 as a result of recent changes within Enterprise Architecture.

GIS Day 2013Posted: Nov 12, 2013News
GIS Logo

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day is on November 20, 2013.  Every year, GIS Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week.

On November 5, generic service request routing changed.

Large Project Oversight ReportPosted: Nov 4, 2013News

ITD has published its Large Project Oversight Report for the 2nd quarter of 2013.

Project Management DayPosted: Nov 4, 2013News

Governor Dalrymple proclaimed November 7, 2013 as Project Management Day for the state of North Dakota.

Happy Birthday North Dakota!Posted: Nov 1, 2013News

Commemorate the day in 1889 when North Dakota became the 39th state of the Union.

The GIS Hub database environment has recently been upgraded. Although this upgrade applies mostly to state agencies, it might be interesting for some folks to know that the upgrade consisted of moving to new servers, upgrading the version of multiple Oracle instances, upgrading the version of multiple geodatabases, and upgrading the version of ArcSDE. 

ITD now offers audio/web conferencing using an Avaya product called Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC).

Customer Service Week 2013Posted: Sep 26, 2013News

During the month of October, organizations around the world observe Customer Service Week to celebrate the efforts of customer service.