A GIS story map is just one of the many ways North Dakota utilizes GIS.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) are vital to the day to day operations of many  North Dakota State Agencies. As we continue to grow our GIS strategy, we are finding innovative new ways to utilize GIS. One such way is through the use of GIS story maps, which combine maps, photos, videos, and location data into a single, interactive experience. In essence, story maps are maps that tell a story.

Below is an example of a story map of The U.S. Census Bureau’s director visit North Dakota in May 2014. As you can see in the image below, there are numbered photo markers on the map. Each photo marker represents a place that the director visited and is linked to a photo and description of the event that took place at that location. Alternatively, you can also use a GIS story map by directly selecting photos. As one moves from one photo to another, the map moves to show the location that photo was taken at. 

           gis story map

Esri is the seller of the GIS software used by North Dakota state agencies. GIS story maps based on Esri software utilize ArcGIS Online, which is a cloud-based GIS tool that hosts data, services, maps, and applications.  Several state agencies use or are beginning to use ArcGIS Online as another means, in addition to the GIS Hub, to make their data publicly available via web browsers and mobile devices. 

Although in the early stages of development, Visual ND is the GIS Hub’s license of ArcGIS Online, which is being used by agencies to share information in a more engaging and informative manner.

For more information on North Dakota's GIS initiatives, contact Bob Nutch at bnutsch@nd.gov