Revisions were made to the Project Management for Large Information Technology Projects standard, STD009-05.4. These revisions became effective on September 14, 2011.


References to the business case have been removed, with the project management process beginning with the project charter.
This change was made to streamline the project initiation processes.
References to documents needing to be signed “in writing” have been changed to state that they should be “formally approved.”
This change was made to accommodate electronic approval processes.
The project startup report is due 30 days after the project plan is submitted.
This timeline was added.
Unless an alternative method is approved, all projects will utilize the most current version of the ND variance worksheet to calculate budget and schedule variance. (And the baseline for measurement must be prepared 10 days after the project moves to the execution phase.)
This requirement was added to ensure all projects are reporting variance from a similar methodology, and that the baseline measurement process is established right away.
The post-implementation report is due six months after the project has closed out.
This timeline was added.
Both the original planned and final approved budget and schedule will be used to calculate variance in the project closeout report (which is due 30 days after submission of the post-implementation report).
Reference to both the original planned and final approved budget and schedule was added. The timeline was also added.
Other updates made throughout the standard include: