The GIS Hub database environment has recently been upgraded. Although this upgrade applies mostly to state agencies, it might be interesting for some folks to know that the upgrade consisted of moving to new servers, upgrading the version of multiple Oracle instances, upgrading the version of multiple geodatabases, and upgrading the version of ArcSDE.  ArcSDE was upgraded because although many users and applications have moved over to the "direct connect" method of connecting to the database, there are still a number of connections being made that use the ArcSDE application server.  It is our understanding that at 10.2 this will be the last version of ArcSDE, so the time is coming when all connections will be direct connect.

Coming within the next month or two will be the upgrading of the GIS Hub's ArcGIS Server environment.  Although this upgrade should not have any negative impact to those who use the GIS Hub's web services, this information may be of interest to both state agencies and to anyone outside of state government who use these services. We will be upgrading from ArcGIS Server 10.0 to 10.2.  The URLs will remain the same after the conversion.  Once the upgrade has been completed, news of that will go out to the NDGIS listserv and to the NDGIS Twitter.