Posted: Jun 9, 2017

GIS datasets are developed or acquired by state agencies as part of their business; these datasets are shared via the GIS Hub so that other agencies can make use of these datasets.  Other levels of government, the private sector, and the public benefit from this sharing of datasets on the GIS Hub.  The GIS Hub Data Portal is the means used to catalog these GIS Hub datasets and make them discoverable through searching and browsing. 

Many of the datasets in the GIS Hub Data portal have characteristics that may be of interest to those who work with GIS data every day, to those who don't directly use GIS, and everyone in between.  This is where data stories come in handy. Data stories are a means of digging a little bit into selected GIS Hub datasets, resulting in the reader learning a bit about the source of the data, how the data has changed over time, the geographic distribution of the data, and perhaps a few key aspects of the data. 

The most recently created data stories are featured on the main page of the Hub Data Portal.  All data stories are found in the Stories page of the GIS Hub Data Portal, check them out!