Posted: Oct 10, 2016

In the LUCA program which begins January 2017, North Dakota cities will be allowed to review what the U.S. Census Bureau understands their addresses to be. This is one of very few opportunities that the U.S. Census Bureau allows others to review their internal information.  Participants will be required to sign non-disclosure statements to obtain the U.S. Census Bureau’s address lists for their cities. So why should a North Dakota city want to participate in LUCA? Here are two top reasons:

  • To ensure an accurate census in 2020
  • To make sure that the distribution of Federal funds is accurately distributed

More information on LUCA can be found on the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Program flyer (13,261kb pdf)

More information on LUCA and other important U.S. Census Bureau partnership opportunities can be found on the U.S. Census Partnership page.