Posted: May 3, 2016

Rod has a record spanning more than 22 years showing that he selflessly assists and supports others working in the geospatial industry in North Dakota. His in-depth knowledge of how to build and maintain a clean dataset, his passion for great cartography, and his knowledge of the correct use of datums and projections are a few examples of what he freely shares when people approach him with their request for assistance. Rod’s skills and knowledge are also utilized in highly-visible and stressful situations. Rod has provided the text for updating North Dakota Century Code as it pertains to measurements and survey units. During a flood event he is on the front lines to ingest huge amounts of data, work with various entities, and provide maps and interpretations to high-ranking government officials. During water-related discussions between the State and the federal government, Rod provides maps and interpretations on a moment’s notice just before a high-level meeting.

Congratulations Rod for this well-deserved award!