Posted: Mar 7, 2016

ITD continually monitors efficiencies and cost savings within our service rates. As these savings develop, ITD passes them along to customers in the form of rate reductions. We are pleased to announce a set of rate reductions effective as of February 1st, 2016.

  Prior Rate Feb. 1st, 2016
Premium On-Demand Disk $0.50/GB $0.45/GB
Premium Dedicated Disk $400.00/TB $300.00/TB
File Share On-Demand Disk $0.30/GB $0.25/GB
File Share Dedicated Disk $225.00/TB $175.00/TB
Long Distance Rates $0.05/minute $0.045/minute
Conference Bridge Long Distance $0.05/minute $0.045/minute

You can view all of ITD's rates online.

Please contact the Service Desk if you have questions.