Posted: Oct 2, 2018

Governor Burgum has declared October 10, 2018 as Electronic Records Day.  Sponsored by the Council of State Archivists (CoSA), E-Records Day is an opportunity to raise community awareness of our digital records and to enlist help in preserving electronic records. This day is designed to raise awareness among state government agencies, the general public, related professional organizations, and other stakeholders about the crucial role electronic records play in our world. This year, E-Records Day is highlighting the importance of appropriate management of electronic communications in government.

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Why does it matter?

  1. With the increasing reliance on information technology, the challenge to manage, preserve, and provide access to digital records and information continues to grow. Managing electronic records is an urgent issue!
  2. Electronic records require regular attention and care in order to remain accessible.
  3. There are no permanent storage media for electronic records.
  4. There’s no magic bullet that will manage and preserve your electronic records for you. Everyone is responsible for creating and managing electronic records.
  5. The best time to plan for the management of electronic records is when they are created.
  6. Security precautions are needed to ensure electronic records are not accessed or altered inappropriately.

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