Posted: May 18, 2015

The May 12th update to Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and Acrobat Reader DC has caused issues with calculations within PDFs created by LiquidOffice Forms Designer.

7/16 UPDATE:

Adobe has released an update to Adobe Reader, Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Reader DC, and Acrobat Reader Pro DC that fixes the issues with calculations in PDFs created using Liquid Office Expression Builder. 

We have tested the newest versions of the above mentioned software and confirmed calculations are now functioning properly. The newest versions can be found on Adobe’s download web page.

Note that an update was also released for version 10 of Acrobat Pro and Standard (10.1.15) that does not fix the calculations problem.

6/29 UPDATE:

Adobe has confirmed this is an issue with the most recent update to their software. Adobe has indicated they will resolve it in a future release, but they have not provided a time frame.

Additional investigation is in progress at HP to determine if we can implement a workaround. We expect to know more in the next couple of weeks. If a workaround is possible, depending on the changes required we will determine if it can be included in an upcoming release or a private patch for affected customers.


Many state agencies utilize a program called LiquidOffice to create fillable PDFs. Some of these forms incorporate calculations (e.g. the Travel Expense Voucher calculates the total expenses from employee travel). These calculations will no longer work when the PDF is opened with the most recent version of Adobe Reader, Acrobat, or DC.

The current version of LiquidOffice supports Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9 through 11.0.10. It does not support any version of DC.

As of 6/19, neither LiquidOffice or Adobe have released any information about a possible fix.

Until the a solution is developed, users have two options. First, they can manually perform calculations. Second, they can revert Adobe Reader or Acrobat back to any version before 11.0.11.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITD Service Desk.