Posted: Jun 24, 2015

Microsoft has renamed and rebranded Lync as Skype for Business. You may or may not have already noticed this change on your computer, depending on the last time Windows updates were installed.

There are two user interfaces (UI), or themes, possible with Skype for Business. There’s the Lync 2013 UI and a new Skype for Business UI. For the time being, ITD is using the Lync user interface.

The first time Skype for Business runs on your computer, you will be presented with a message explaining that ITD servers are set to use the Lync UI instead of Skype UI. You can choose to restart Skype for Business “Now” or “Later.” Once Skype for Business has restarted, you will be back to the Lync UI. The Windows Start Menu and taskbar will show the Skype for Business icon.

More information can be found on Microsoft's news release.