Posted: Aug 12, 2013

Changes to laws relating to SB2034, SB2033, and SB2021 went into effect on August 1, 2013. This memo from Office of Management and Budget Director, Pam Sharp, and Information Technology Department Interim CIO, Mike Ressler, provides and an overview of the following law changes related to information technology projects.   

  • SB2034 codified aspects of Governor Dalrymple's Executive Order 2011-20 which directed implementation of an enhanced oversight process for large scale IT projects.  Governor Dalyrymple rescinded the Executive Order effective August 1 when the new section of law became effective. 
  • SB2033 amended N.D.C.C. 54-35-15.2(10) to change a major information technology project to "a project with a total cost of five hundred thousand dollars or more."  It also amended section 54-59-05(8), and section 54-59-23 to align with that new threshold. 
  • SB2021, section 5 enacted a new section of law related to IT project planning.  This codifed the session law from section 11 of SB2015 approved in the 2011 session. 

Notably, the information relating to the creation of Executive Steering Committees that are required to provide oversight of major information technology projects for all executive branch agencies is listed in the memo. 

Frequently asked questions for IT Legislative Changes can be found on pages 5 and 6 of the memo.