Posted: Sep 24, 2014

There are two important updates about Click to Call and Desktop Sharing in regards to the OCS to Lync migration.

Click to Call

Click to call is the capability within Lync that allows for the initiation of a phone call directly from Lync.

To provide for this feature and minimize the licensing requirements, ITD has recommended the use of an Avaya plug-in. Due to user feedback and additional testing, ITD is no longer recommending the Avaya plug-in within the Lync 2013 client; however, we are continuing to recommend the Avaya plug-in for the Lync 2010 client.

ITD has also purchased the necessary licensing for native Microsoft Remote Call Control (RCC) capabilities to be enabled through May of 2016. Therefore, agencies now have the choice of using the Avaya plug-in or RCC. 

ITD will continue to work with both Avaya and Microsoft to determine the path forward after May 2016. If you have already deployed the Avaya plug-in and are happy with the results, you can continue on that path. If you have deployed the plug-in and are unhappy with the results, you can remove the plug-in and use RCC instead. Please note that the 2013 Microsoft Lync Basic client does not support RCC voice features.

Desktop Sharing

Due to licensing restrictions, desktop sharing is not enabled by default within Lync. If you wish to have this capability, an additional license and fee is necessary. The one-time licensing cost is $125, with a recurring cost of $2 per month. Note that the license and recurring fee are only necessary for users that initiate a desktop sharing event. The license is not required for users to just participate or view an event. 

IT coordinators should consider users who may use this capability, such as desktop support personnel or application support situations like iBars.

When you submit your WMS request, indicate which users within your agency will need the desktop sharing capability and ITD will acquire the server license on behalf of your agency.

Next Steps

If you have not already submitted a request to migrate your agency, please do so to coordinate a time to schedule the migration. You can use a Network Services WMS request. Please indicate desired date and time within your request. If you have not submitted a request by September 30, ITD will migrate all remaining agencies at that time.

If you are in need of Lync client software for the desktop, please contact your Microsoft reseller.The current contact information for the vendor under state contract is Huston Cambron ; (512) 513-0430 ;