Thursday, February 7, 2019 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm

Location Details: 

Information Technology Department

4201 Normandy Street


  • General Updates
    • Digital Asset Management - Signed contract for solution. Starting implementation. Note that agencies can access materials on the DAM without paying a monthly fee. A monthly fee is only charged if an agency wishes to use the DAM for asset (images and videos) storage. 
    • Interactive Mapping - Launched first use of an interactive mapping solution built for agency use. The interactive map can be customized to meet agency needs and added to any website/application. 
    • Website Search - The Google Search Appliance (GSA) has been shut down.
    • Statewide Intranet - Actively working on a strategy to create a single statewide intranet plus an platform for agency intranets. 
    • Social and CX Monthly Meetings - Decided to schedule two additional, recurring meetings to facilitate discussion between quarterly SMUG meetings. These will not be presentation-based with a set agenda. Instead, agencies can bring agenda items for anything they wish to discuss. Participants can join in-person or via Skype.
  • Usability Research
    • Tanya Williams has been brought on under the Office of Reinvention as a Usability Researcher to help the state take a citizen-centric, data-driven approach to website and application development. Tanya provided an overview of what usability research is, why it's valuable, and examples of how to conduct research. 
    • Initial efforts are focused on and several agency websites. Through these efforts, we will determine how to best implement and scale usability research across the state's online presence and services. 
    • Two clips were provided as an example of unmoderated usability testing. In these tests, participants are asked to perform a series of tasks and read aloud the task descriptions and their thoughts as they attempt to complete the tasks. The first clip provides the participant's initial reactions to The second clip shows an example of unexpected behavior as the participant clicks a link that takes them to the top of the page instead of a new page.
    • Clip 1 - Initial Impressions
    • Clip 2 - Unexpected Behavior
    • Phase I of a new website was launched on 12/30/18. This update focused on making the site mobile-friendly, uplifting the design, and migrating off aging technology. will continue to evolve as more user research is conducted.
  • Office Supplies
    • Office supplies (e.g. business cards, name badges, and letterhead) that align with the new brand guidelines are now available for agency use. Materials can be requested by emailing
  • Social Media Guidelines
    • Recommendations on social media strategy and branding were presented. See slide deck for additional information. 
  • Design Systems
    • An overview of design systems was provided. Design Systems are one part of an overall brand and focus on the elements and practices around digital media, such as websites and applications. They can improve user experience and accessibility compliance, while reducing staff time needed to design and test interfaces. 
    • Staff interested in being part of a working group to develop a design system should email Cliff Heyne (