Thursday, August 10, 2017 -
9:30am to 11:00am

Location Details: 

Brynhild Haugland

Quarterly meeting of the Social Media Users Group (SMUG).


  • YouTube Terms of Service 
    • Agencies can obtain government friendly Terms of Service by emailing and asking for the terms. YouTube will respond with a copy of the terms for the review.
  • Yammer
    • A Yammer group has been created to help facilitate ongoing collaboration among state communication staff. The service is free and available to all state employees. You can sign up for the service using your email account, join the ND Online group, and subscribe to group activity email updates. You can also create your own Yammer groups for agency-specific projects. 
  • Livestream
    • The SMUG meeting was recording with the Mevo, which is part of a Livestream product family and can be used in conjunction with a Livestream subscription. This is one way to easily record and livestream events. In past SMUG meetings, we used an iPad to broadcast via Periscope and a standard video camera hooked up to a computer to broadcast to YouTube.
  • Google Primer App
    • Primer is a free app designed to teach people new marketing skills in five minutes or less.
  • State Website Platform Launch
    • The State Website Platform will officially launch at the end of August, 2017. The platform marks a new approach to website design and maintenance for the state, reducing the time and money spent on tasks that don't directly add business value. Instead of creating one-off websites, the platform works by using a single code base. When a new website is needed, another copy of the code base can be created. From there, a host of customization options are built into the platform, allowing agency content administrators to customize their websites without involving IT. For example, a content administrator can swap the agency logo, update social media links, or modify the home page using the built-in customization options. Therefore, even though individual sites might look different, they rely on the same code base. Using a single code base not only means that sites can be created without any additional development cost, but that every patch and enhancement added to the platform benefits everyone.
    • The platform costs $35/mo per site, though additional services, such as content transfer, can be requested. Note that agencies can still create custom websites if they so choose. To obtain a site, submit a Software Development Service Request.
  • Governor's Office Initiatives
    • Mike Nowatzki discussed the state's drought response and encouraged agencies to share/re-post drought-related posts from @NDGov and NDResponse (Facebook, Twitter). If there are resources that your agency can bring to bear and you aren't already part of the drought response, please email
    • Kelly Ivahnenko talked about the Governor's five strategic initiatives. These are cross-cutting and every agency plays a role. They are: Reinventing Government, Transforming Education, Native American Engagement, Addiction and Recovery,  and the Main Street Initiative.
  • Brand Strategy
    • Jordan Loftis, from CoSchedule, spoke to the group about how to create a brand strategy using the Story-Source Brand Strategy. If you want to use this model for your agency, you can download a worksheet on Yammer or email for a copy. 
Date of Notice: 
July 21, 2017
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