Wednesday, March 8, 2017 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 438
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda:


Time Topic Presenter
1:00 Update on EA Activity Jeff Quast

Update on ITD Activity

  • Brown Bag Lunch
  • Email SLA
  • GIS Hub Data Portal
  • NASCIO State Recognition Nominations
Gary Vetter
1:30 Update on Agency Activities Jeff Quast
1:40 Skype Server Update Kory Hellman
1:50 AD Sync to Azure Kory Hellman
2:00 Iterative Development WSI and ITD
2:40 Oracle Update Kory Hellman
2:50 Statewide IT Plan Follow up Justin Data
2:55 Future Agenda Items  

Meeting Recap:


Update on EA Activity
  • Several EA surveys are complete, with results indicating that the E-Services Privacy Policy Best Practices will be rescinded, the Record Migration standard will be updated, and the Email standard will be updated. The survey results for the creation of a Data Classification Guidelines document and for changing the Electronic Data Backup standard to a Best Practices indicate that further review is needed before moving forward with either.
  • Data Architecture had an initial discussion about Data Visualization and some of the common tools used. There will be more to come on this topic, and possible a review at a future ITCC meeting. The Data Architecture team also briefly discussed data licensing and intends to follow-up at the April meeting.
  • Security Architecture did a final review of numerous changes and updates to the Access Control standard and agreed to publish an EA Survey to gather feedback on the proposed changes. Further communication to agencies will likely come in the form of an email from the Service Desk due to security concerns. The Security Architecture team also reviewed sever other standards and determined that they did not need revision.
  • ITD’s Security Division will be sending a survey request to all agencies to gather information about OS patching, 3rd party Application patching, Baseline Configurations, and Endpoint Protection.
  • February’s meeting of the Technology Architecture team included a reminder to agencies that the new end of life for updates to Office 2013 is February of 2018, so agencies should have their users on Office 2016 before then. An FYI topic was that Microsoft has reverted from the recent move to cumulative inclusive monthly patches. Lastly, Chad Gumeringer presented an overview of the ADFS service, which was timely since proposed changes to the Access Control Standard would require the use of ADFS (via the SAML protocol) for all SaaS solutions.


Update on ITD Activity
  • Gary Vetter reviewed the presentation at the Brown Bag Lunch, presented by Cliff Heyne and Rusty Dahlin and titled “The Technology Behind the Response”. There was a huge turnout for the lunch.
  • Also reviewed were updates to the Email SLA, which simply added a list of file types that are removed from email at the gateway. That list is no longer included in the EA standard.
  • The new DKAN-based GIS Hub Data Portal is now in production, and a brief overview of the SaaS based portal solution was provided.
  • NASCIO State Recognition Awards Nominations are due May 4th and agencies can contact Cliff Heyne with questions and nominations.


Update on agency activity


Skype Server Upgrade
  • There was a quick reminder that ITD will be upgrading the Lync server to Skype for Business server. ITD will send more information from the Service Desk before the upgrade is done. Agencies that want to migrate sooner to the newer server can do so by submitting a service request via WMS. Also noted was that the Skype for Business mobile client is much improved over previous versions.


AD Sync to Azure
  • Kory Hellman gave an overview of the use of Azure AD, and ITD’s decision to sync all AD accounts to Azure AD. The decision was driven by several factors, including an increased need for use of SharePoint Online, the administrative burden of selective syncing, and the ability to prevent the use of an NDGOV email address for a personal account. Content was added to the Active Directory SLA to address the syncing of AD to Azure AD.


Iterative Development
  • Tim Schenfisch from WSI and Jen Kunz from ITD gave an overview of WSI’s CAPS project and use of Agile development methods, and Eli Cornell from ITD gave an overview of ITD’s Iterative Development efforts for DPI’s NDFoods Enhancements. Detailed information about both these topics is included in the ITCC presentation attached to the event.


Oracle Update
  • Kory Hellman gave an overview of the process and plans for the update to Oracle 12c environment. Agency IT Coordinators will begin receiving letters from ITD in Q2 2017. More information is included in the attached ITCC presentation.


Statewide IT Plan Follow Up
  • Justin Data gave an overview of the IT planning results, and more detailed information, charts and statistics are included in the ITCC presentation.


Future topics / Open Discussion
  • Data Visualization and Data Governance are two topics that will be addressed at a future ITCC meeting. Stay tuned.
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