Wednesday, January 11, 2017 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 438
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda:


Time Topic Presenter
1:00 Update on EA Activity Jeff Quast

Update on ITD Activity

  • Pioneer Email Upgrade
  • FTP/MoveIT Migration
  • VPN Issues
Gary Vetter
1:30 Update on Agency Activities Jeff Quast
1:45 Waiver - Domain Name - Tobacco Control Jeff Quast

Standards Review:

  • E-Services Privacy
  • Web Domain Name
  • Web Domain Name Best Practices
Jeff Quast
2:55 Future Agenda Items  


Meeting Recap:


Update on EA Activity
  • Security Architecture
    • A warning added to all external email went into effect January 1, 2017. Agencies are experiencing some issues from users, primarily regarding message preview.
    • There has been continued discussion about the blocking of personal email access from state owned devices. The plan is to revisit the topic when more early adopter agencies report their experiences, which is expected in 30-60 days.
    • Possible changes to the Access Control standard were discussed, including adding language to require AD for all SaaS and vendor-hosted applications used by state employee NDGOV accounts. The group also discussed longer minimum password requirements for AD and State Login accounts, and possibly requiring a Privileged account for administrative rights.
  • Data Architecture
    • The group discussed the Electronic Data Backup standard, whether the standard should address data recovery instead of data backup, and if it was technically or financially feasible to have the standard require that full recovery be tested.
    • Updates to the Document Management standard were discussed, including removal of the reference to best practices. Further updates will be adding requirements that define an enterprise document management solution, allowing the list of products in the Appendix to be removed.
  • Application Architecture
    • The group reviewed a waiver from the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention & Control Policy for the Web Development Standard, to not use the NDGOV banner on a new web site. The team recommended to deny the waiver because there were no technical reasons to require the waiver and insufficient justification presented to offset the importance of the consistency of the state’s digital presence. An EA survey will be posted to gather feedback before presentation to the CIO.
    • The group also reviewed a waiver from WSI for the Public Online User Authentication standard to not use the State Login for its new LMS SaaS solution. The team recommended approval on condition that the minimum requirements for passwords align with requirements in the Access Control Standard.
  • Technology Architecture
    • The group discussed the management of iTunes backup passwords. The iTunes password is non-recoverable if the user does not know it, and is not the same as the iCloud/Apple ID password.
    • Chad Gumeringer reviewed Syncplicity, which is a mobile file syncing and sharing product that is being piloted with DOT. More details to follow once the pilot is completed.
    • The group discussed the Server Operating Systems standard, but made no changes.
    • The group briefly discussed Microsoft LAPS, which Game and Fish and ITD are testing. An ITD subject matter expert may attend a future meeting to discuss this topic further.


Update on ITD Activity
  • Gary Vetter reviewed the presentation at the Brown Bag Lunch; Platon – “The Art of Storytelling”
  • The Pioneer Email Upgrade has been approved for January 15, 2017. The new client will show the available space and quotas will go into effect after users are able to clean up mailboxes.
  • ITD is working towards a completion date for FTP/MoveIT Migration of the end of business on January 31, 2017. Those folders not migrated by this date will be purged when the server is decommissioned.


Update on agency activity
  • News from Parks and Recreation is that Snowmobile trails and Cross Country trails in ND are open and in excellent condition. Parks is interested in moving their web site to the new template that ITD is developing, and is working on updating their Point of Sale Software. Human resource news includes efforts to replace the agency’s Public Information Specialist, and a reminder that the the Governor is currently taking applications for the agency Director.
  • The Attorney General's Office launched their new web site on January 9, 2017. The new site also consolidated the CJIS web site.
  • Several agencies are blocking personal email and ITD and Security Architecture will be monitoring their experience.


Waiver Review
  • The group reviewed a waiver request from the Tobacco Prevention and Control Executive Committee for the Web Domain Name standard. The group felt the justification was inadequate and recommended denial of the waiver. An EA survey will be posted to gather feedback before presentation to the CIO.


Standards Review
  • The group discussed the Web Domain Name Standard and Web Domain Name Best Practices. Attendees felt the Best Practices could be moved to the standard and the Best Practices document be rescinded. Further updates will be discussed at the next meeting.
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