Wednesday, August 10, 2016 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 438
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda:


Time Topic Presenter
1:00 Update on EA Activity Jeff Quast
1:20 Update on ITD Activity Gary Vetter
1:40 Update on Agency Activities Jeff Quast
1:50 Hosting SLA Gary Vetter
2:00 State Login ID Updates Eli Cornell
2:15 ConnectND MFA John Wohl
2:30 Pexip Demo Barry Stein
2:50 Pokemon Go Gary Vetter
2:55 Future Agenda Items  


Meeting Recap:

Update on EA Activity
  • Jeff Quast presented the EA section of ITD’s Annual Customer Survey results and thanked the ITCC for their feedback.
  • The Application Architecture monthly meeting was canceled. The highlights of the remaining three monthly Architecture meetings are below. Click the links to see the full meeting recaps.
  • Data Architecture Recap
    • The Imaging Standard has been updated.
    • Discussed takeaways from a recent NASCIO webinar on security of data in the cloud.
    • Discussed final steps to be taken to publish guidance for agencies regarding data classification and data sharing agreements.
  • Security Architecture Recap
    • Discussed possible changes and improvements to Employee Security Awareness training.
    • Discussed next gen End Point Protection solutions.
    • Began reviewing the Mobile Device Access Control standard.
  • Technology Architecture Recap
    • Chad Gumeringer demonstrated a pilot being done with DOT.
    • A demonstration of MOVEit is planned for the September meeting.


Update on ITD Activity
  • Brown Bag Lunch – Cybersecurity in the Public Sector – IBM’s Richard Swain
    • IBM held two different presentations on Cybersecurity in the Public Sector. One was for ITD staff and was more technical in nature. The second was for anyone attending the Brown Bag Lunch and was geared more towards trends and solutions.
  • The group was reminded that IT Plans are due August 15th.
  • The enterprise XenMobile MDM solution is being upgraded to the Advanced License. There is no additional cost to customers. More news to come as new features are explored and tested.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is being explored on the Exchange environment. More to come as the testing progresses.
  • The group was reminded that the Click to Call and phone password changes are to be implemented by September 30th.
  • Gary Vetter presented a summary of ITD’s annual customer survey results. The full survey results are available online.
  • ITD’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan has been published.


Update on agency activity
  • Russ Buchholz provided the group with information about DOT’s plan to offer new self-service kiosks for renewing motor vehicle tabs. The kiosks would allow a user to pay by credit card, but there may be a small fee to help cover the costs of the machines. The plan is for three Bismarck locations open 24x7, with possible expansion to other cities in the future. The goal is to have them available before the legislative session begins.


Hosting SLA
  • Gary Vetter reviewed updates made to the Hosting SLA. The system recovery and availability sections have been updated to better clarify availability metrics and the system recovery times for major services.


ConnectND MFA
  • John Wohl and Kevin Anderson presented an overview of the ConnectND Security project and demonstrated the new authentication requirements.
  • Phase 1 went live on July 20th, which included masked fields with click to view. Phase 2 will include Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Next steps include Finalizing the project schedule, distributing the tokens, and making the final changes to PeopleSoft to add the new functionality. OMB will send an email to the HR admins to coordinate with agency IT coordinators and ITD security. The expected time frame is late September or early October.


State Login ID
  • Eli Cornell provided an overview of enhancements to the State Login ID that are expected to go live August 16, 2016. The State Login ID will now allow for an alternative email account in case the original is lost or cannot be used, and an account can now be associated with a phone number, allowing for password reset by sending a text message to that phone. It will also include the ability to periodically ask the user to add the alternate email and phone number for texting. A few applications will be affected, and ITD is working with those agencies now to correct any issues.


Pexip Demo
  • Barry Stein demonstrated Pexip, a new desktop video sharing tool. Pexip uses the WebRTC protocol that is included in new browsers (Chrome works best right now), and unlike large and expensive conferencing bridge hardware, requires a simple infrastructure to function. It is also much simpler for end users since there is no client software to install or learn.
  • Pexip allows for desktop and content sharing, and also works with iOS and Android devices. It automatically scans for a system’s camera and microphone, but a USB headset is recommended to avoid echo issues.
  • Barry also demonstrated how to use the Renovo conference scheduling tool to create an event and generate the meeting request to be sent to recipients.
  • There is no cost for agencies to use the new service.


Pokémon Go
  • Garry Vetter shared some statistics and the results of a recent poll from ITD’s website about the game’s popularity. The participants discussed the impacts if any that their agencies were having from the popularity.


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