Monday, June 20, 2016 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm

Location Details: 

State Capitol, Judicial Wing - Pioneer Room
600 E Boulevard Ave
Bismarck, ND 58505

Meeting Agenda

Time Topic Presenter
2:00 Welcome / Opening Comments Mike Ressler
2:05 Enterprise Architecture Updates Jeff Quast
2:20 2017-19 ITD Service Rates Mike Ressler
2:40 ConnectND Security Dan Sipes
2:55 Internet of Things (IoT) Mike Ressler
3:25 Open Discussion / Closing Comments Mike Ressler


Meeting Recap:

EA Standards and Waivers

  • Jeff Quast reviewed EA standards that were updated since the last meeting. Those included:
  • The Application Development Methodology standard was rescinded.
    • Project Management ensures a methodology is in place.
  • The Application Development Tools/Languages standard was rescinded.
    • Was too difficult to maintain, Procurement and Project Exploration do an adequate job of reviewing tools.
  • The Web Development standard was updated.
    • Brought up to date, much of the guidance moved to Best Practices.
  • The Web Development Best Practices was updated.
    • Brought up to date, includes much of what was in the standard.
  • Access Control standard has been updated
    • Minor changes due to the creation of an Active Directory SLA
  • Active Directory standard has been updated
    • Minor changes due to the creation of an Active Directory SLA
  • Operating Systems standard was created by combining the old Desktop Operating Systems and OS Critical Updates standards
    • Applies to any Network Connected Device (NCD) with an OS
  • Imaging standard has been updated
    • Updated tools list and reflects modern industry best practices


2017-19 ITD Service Rates

  • Mike Ressler reviewed the 17-19 service rates, as well as rate reductions in the current biennium. In the current biennium, ITD reduced rates for Disk Storage, EDMS, Network and Telephone Long Distance, resulting in projected special fund savings of 1,881,000.
  • Some rates will be increased in 17-19, including $2,000,000 projected for Software Development to support the increased human resource costs for the largest division. Network rates will increase approximately $500,000 to fund an enhanced security posture for the state.
  • Reduced Computer Hosting & Disk Storage rates are projected to cost agencies approximately 1,400,000 less in 17-19, and reduced Telephone rates will be about $200,000 less.
  • The net result is approximately $900,000 more cost to agencies in 17-19 than the current biennium.


ConnectND Security and OneDrive

  • Dan Sipes reviewed the security enhancements being applied to ConnectND. The enhanced security includes Data Masking, Security Logging and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for HR, Payroll and Finance Administrators. The costs for the MFA are funded in the existing ConnectND fee from OMB that is passed through via ITD.
  • The enhancements to ConnectND also include a Time and Labor module, which will be available to agencies not already using a solution like Workforce Software.
  • Mr. Sipes encouraged those agencies that use Federal programs to budget in 17-19 for MFA because it is very likely those Federal programs will require MFA at some point.
  • Dan Sipes also explained the Office 365 and OneDrive environment that ITD has established, which is a ‘Single Tenant’ environment. While this does pose administration limitations for agencies, it is required for full compatibility with our existing state email system.
    • The biggest advantage of OneDrive is access to your documents from any device, but there have been some concerns about the security of OneDrive. The NDGOV solution uses the G3 (Government) version of Microsoft’s cloud offering. ITD is comfortable security posture it provides but would like to incorporate MFA. Agencies that choose to use Office 365 and OneDrive will have their own policies for how it is used.
    • External sharing is not enabled in OneDrive at this point, pending further evaluation of the security implications of that feature being enabled. A question was raised regarding concerns about OneDrive being used in conjunction with OneNote to store the data produced in OneNote. OneNote is using OneDrive for Business, not the consumer version of OneDrive, so ITD is comfortable with the level of security provided.


Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Mike Ressler played a video by Benson Hougland and discussed the IoT. Rather than people being on the internet and sharing information, the IoT is things connected to the internet that share their information with other things. Some examples that are easy to associate with today include Smart phones, Health bracelets, Thermostats, Lights bulbs and Garage door openers. Sensing capabilities can also be added to older devices.
  • Big businesses like Samsung, IBM and Google are investing a lot of money in IoT, resulting in over 10 Billion things on the internet, and 50 billion things expected by 2020.
  • The IoT collects a lot of data and provides new knowledge, but there are some drawbacks and downsides, including the high effort it can take to get established. More importantly, the security and privacy concerns can be quite difficult to address and manage.
  • While the IoT is more common in City or local government, Committee members shared their agency’s use of IoT, possible uses and concerns.
Where noted, the discussion of some of the above topics may be held in executive session rather than during the portion of the meeting that is open to the public. If this is a regular meeting, additional topics may be discussed. If this is a special or emergency meeting, the governing body's discussion will be limited to the topics and executive sessions listed above.
Date of Notice: 
April 13, 2016
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Jodi Zander
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