Wednesday, January 13, 2016 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 438
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda:


Time Topic Presenter

Update on EA Activity

Jeff Quast


Update on ITD Activity

  • Brown Bag Lunch - review
  • IE11 Reminder
  • Upcoming SMUG Meeting
  • Application Inventory Update
Jeff Quast


Jeff Quast
2:00 Cybersecurity Update Dan Sipes
2:10 Remote Support Tools Jeff Quast
2:20 Office 365 and OneDrive Ron Zarr
2:45 Exchange 2013 Migration Jeff Quast
2:50 Future Agenda Items  


Meeting Recap:

Update on EA Activity
  • Jeff Quast reviewed the recent activity in EA which is combination of the Meeting Recaps that are posted for each of the four monthly Architecture meetings.


Update on ITD Activity
  • Brown Bag Lunch review
    • Justin Data and Sara Lee reviewed the lunch presentation “Lessons Learned from Challenged Government Projects.” Key points were:
      • An IT project is about business needs, people, processes and data; only then do you look at technology.
      • Perception is also important and changes in various stages of a project, especially points like implementation.
      • QA should report outside of the project.
      • Must be willing to end a failing project.
      • One of the biggest project risks is an Executive sponsor that is disengaged or delegates everything.
  • Internet Explorer 11
    • This was a reminder that as of Jan 12, 2016, IE 11 is the only supported version. Recent PeopleSoft updates seem to have fixed any issues so there should be no Enterprise need for agencies to continue to use older versions.
  • SMUG
    • The Social Media User Group meeting will be live streamed, and the video will be available afterwards.
      • A possible Enterprise Digital Assets Management solution will be discussed, and Cliff Heyne can send you the requirements list if you are interested in such a solution.
    • The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) is again negotiating with Google to create a state government friendly user agreement for YouTube. Right now, it's up to each agency to decide if they are comfortable using YouTube with the standard end-user agreement.


  • Two Requests for Exemption from IT Standards (waivers) were reviewed by the group.
    • The Department of Public Instruction submitted a waiver for a new SaaS Lunch Program Management application that would not comply with the Public On-Line Services User Authentication standard. That standard is expected to be rescinded soon but since it still applies, an approved waiver would be required. Application Architecture has recommended approval of the waiver, with guidance from Security Architecture for minimum authentication requirements. The ITCC agrees with the recommendation and a survey will be posted for all EA participants. Complete.


  • The Department of Financial Institutions submitted a waiver that will not be listed publically for security purposes. The ITCC recommended approval of the waiver and a survey will be posted for all EA participants to complete.


Cybersecurity update and Cybersecurity Task Force
  • Dan Sipes provided an update on the recent meeting of the Cybersecurity Task Force. A meeting recap and additional information will be available online once a site is agreed upon. Cybersecurity Insurance was a primary topic discussed at the Task Force meeting and the state continues to research the options and risks.
  • Mr. Sipes also updated the group on the ongoing efforts to develop an Application Inventory. Phase one, in progress now, is to gather the data about the applications used in each agency, and Phase two will be to apply data classification to those applications.
  • ITD is also developing a Security Raci that will help agencies and ITD evaluate security risks. It is expected to address the 22 categories developed by NIST and will provide a way to assign somebody responsible, accountable, consulted or informed for an action or decision.


Remote Support Tool
  • The need and requirements for a possible Enterprise Remote Support Tool were further discussed, and survey results were reviewed. Two typical use cases are remote control of computers by IT support and webinar/shared meeting usage by end non-IT end users. It’s unclear whether one tool can provide a solution for all use cases.
  • Current and expected functionality of MS Lync/Skype for Business were also discussed since they can provide some of the functionality desired in remote collaboration tool. There are issues however with licensing and reliance on certain versions of client and server for certain functions.


Office 365 / OneDrive
  • Ron Zarr presented some key information regarding these tools, which are being used by ITD and the agencies using ITD’s Desktop Support service.
  • Some applications, like Videos, Sway, and Planner, are not available with the Office 365 Pro Plus for Government version that NDGOV is licensed for.
  • Project and Visio do not normally install if originally installed with the older MSI method, so agencies may have to uninstall them to install Office 365, then reinstall Project and Visio.
    • There may be a free upgrade from Visio and Project 2013 to 2016 until June 2016 but we are unable to confirm that at this point.
  • Important Dates to consider:
    • February 1 – February 28 2016 = First release of Office 2016 if the current version was installed with MS’ new installer method
    • August 2016 = Last of the updates for Office 2013
  • Agencies should have an internal policy on use of OneDrive since managing user licensing and access to data is different
    • If a user is moved out of a certain OU or the user is deleted, they are no longer considered licensed and you have 30 days before that data is deleted.
    • The Manager Field must be populated because that is who is notified to deal with the data in the next 30 days and has access to those files.
    • There is a training video on Microsoft’s Site and the link is on ITD’s site


Exchange 2013 Migration
  • The plan and expectations for a migration to Exchange 2013 were reviewed. Check out the News Item on ITD’s web site for details.


Open Discussion/New Topics
  • A question was raised as to what agencies have done to address the potential 2.5% budget cuts. Most agencies are working on preliminary plans, and some will have to cut substantially more than 2.5% because their funding model.
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