Thursday, November 12, 2015 -
9:00am to 10:30am

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 208V
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda:

  • Updates and News
  • Webrtc and Video Conferencing
  • Remote Control software testing
  • Combining Desktop OS and Critical Updates standards

Meeting Recap:

  • A pilot of the AirWatch Mobile Device Management solution is on hold until the migration to Exchange 2013 is completed.
  • The group discussed WebRTC (Real-Time Communications), which is a technology that enables audio/video streaming and data sharing between browser clients.
    • Firefox and Chrome (and some others) have some WebRTC support included, while IE requires a plug-in.
    • Browser discussion led to being reminded that Chrome no longer supports Java, so it doesn’t work with FileNet.
      • The new non-Java client for FileNet is Daeja ViewOne, and there is a new Html5 content navigator but it lacks functionality.
    • There was also discussion regarding the management and version control of Chrome if the agency was using it, and most agencies appear to let the application auto-update rather than control with policy.
    • ITD is piloting a new product called PexIP which takes advantage of WebRTC to provide video conferencing.
  • Jeff Quast gave a brief demonstration of a remote control software tool called Screen Connect, which is a similar product to others used by various agencies.
    • Some questions that were raised and need further research included if there could be more than one admin in a session, and whether the product can pull down event logs and other info from the client.
    • Some desirable features that are included in Screen Connect include built in audio support, the ability to push out a client and install it, the option to run the server on –premise, and lower licensing costs than many competitors.
    • Some issues in the limited testing done so far indicate some stability issues.
  • The group briefly discussed combining the Desktop Operating Systems and Critical Updates standards, and a combined standard will be drafted for review at the next meeting