Thursday, November 5, 2015 -
9:00am to 10:30am

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 208V
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda:

  • Open Data
  • Data at rest Encryption
  • Data Classification Discussion
  • Open Discussion


Meeting Recap:

  • Open Data
    • Bob Nutsch presented several open data portals based on DKAN (Drupal), which included
      • Some traits that help define Open Data sites are thing like being Machine Readable, providing dynamic ad hoc generation of charts, reports, etc., and maintainable by multiple users.
      • An Open Data portal often tells a story with the data it contains
      • The technology is based on modules added to a base Drupal environment, XML, JSON and GeoJSON.
      • Data portals generally offer data by license level/type, which there are a lot of. The group may look more closely at the various license types at a future meeting.
      • Open Data portals often include information about or links to the Publishers of the data, which is an important thing to include if possible, and often include blogging capabilities.
      • A new NDGIS data portal is being developed using DKAN and will be presented at a future meeting.
  • Data at rest encryption
    • The group had preliminary discussions about how we address encrypting data at rest and what we may need to do going forward.
    • For security reasons, the details of that discussion will not be published here.
  • Data Sensitivity Classification
    • The team further reviewed and discussed the classification matrix that was drafted, and added a few more use case details.
    • The matrix will make classifying the sensitivity of data possible, which will in turn make it easier to address the encryption of data at rest.
    • The matrix would probably not affect open records requests, but may make them easier to fulfill.
    • The group feels the matrix is something that could go forward to other EA teams for further development even though it is immature.