Wednesday, August 12, 2015 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Location Details: 

Information Technology Dept.
Room 438
4201 Normandy Street North
Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Notice

Meeting Schedule

Time Topic Presenter

Update on EA Activity

  • Architecture Teams Recaps
  • Remote Support survey results
  • G&F Waiver for Physical Access

Jeff Quast


Update on ITD Activity

  • MS Office Licensing Renewals
  • BillIT feedback
  • Annual Customer Service survey results
  • Desktop Support SLA
Gary Vetter
1:40 Email Encryption Follow-Up

Jeff Quast

2:00 Scanning outbound email for PII

Jeff Quast

2:15 ITD's New Web Site

Cliff Heyne


Enterprise Services Reorg Justin Data


Digital Asset Management Cliff Heyne


Future Agenda Items


Meeting Recap

EA Activity

Recent EA Activities in the Architecture Teams are now summarized in the event recaps. Meeting Minutes are still published to the EA SharePoint site and may include more details, especially regarding sensitive information that may not be published in the publically accessible Recap. Results from the recent survey regarding Remote Support were reviewed, and the full results are published on the EA SharePoint site. Next steps are to follow-up with interested agencies regarding more accurate licensing needs, and then to look at the contending products to see if the desired features are available. The ITCC also reviewed the waiver for Physical Access from Game & Fish, and a survey will be published now for EA participants to weigh in before the waiver is presented to the CIO.

ITD Activity

ITD activity includes more progress on MS Office 365, with a reminder to agencies that may be renewing their Software Assurance soon that it is a 3 year contract. So if Office 365 is on the radar, factor that into your decision to renew or not renew your Software Assurance contract. ITD’s new billing system, BillIT, appears to be well received by users. Some concerns about taking more effort to drill down to detailed info should be less concerning after the first full month of use. The results of ITD’s annual Customer Service survey were presented, and the summary is available on ITD’s site. Finally, 4 minor changes/enhancements were made to ITD’s Desktop Support SLA for clarity.

Email Encryption on Internal Network

Email Encryption was again discussed to ensure the previous communication were accurate. If you have questions about the capabilities and optional service, please contact the ITD Service Desk.

ITD's new website

ITD’s new website was presented, which should move to production within the next month. The features of the new site are highlighted in the meetings slides and include "mini homepages." These "mini homepages" give ITD program areas enough flexibility to serve up custom content that they don't need to pay for entire separate websites. Another main feature is a fully responsive design, so the website works well on mobile devices.

Enterprise Services Reorganization

Some reorganization within the Enterprise Services division has resulted in ‘the 3 Ps’, Project Management, IT Planning, and IT Procurement all being managed now by Justin Data. Further efforts will include more Project Management education and outreach, and possibly full Portfolio Management.

Digital Asset Management

There was a short discussion about the need for a tool or service to manage digital assets, such as photos and videos. This appears to be something many agencies have a need for, and an enterprise solution might be a great fit since it could allow agencies to share content. Cliff Heyne is taking this topic to the next Social Media Users Group for their feedback.

Future Topics

Future topics include a possible presentation from Microsoft on Windows 10, and more information on Office 365. Regarding Windows 10, be aware that our VPN solution does not currently support Windows 10 and isn’t expected to for another two to three months. To conclude the meeting, ITCC Chairperson Cher Thomas announced that she is planning to retire in May of 2016.

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