Wednesday, July 8, 2015 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm

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Bank of North Dakota
Room 201
1200 Memorial Hwy
Bismarck, ND 58506

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Meeting Schedule

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Update on EA Activity

  • Architecture Meetings Recaps
  • Email Stripped Attachments Message

Jeff Quast


Update on ITD Activity

  • IronPort Email Encryption
  • Windows 2003 Server EOL
  • State LoginID Forced Password Reset
  • Password Management Service
Jeff Quast

Email Encryption on Internal Network

Cher Thomas

Enterprise SLA

Jeff Quast
2:00 Desktop Support SLA

Ron Zarr


Desktop Disaster Recovery Plans

Jeff Quast

Meeting Recap

EA activity

Recently, EA has focused mostly on review of standards. All EA events will be posted on ITD’s public website as soon as ITD new website is in production, along with recaps of the architecture meetings. Recent discussions in Data Architecture has included how to manage the collection of data from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which will produce very large data sets. The group has also began discussing alternatives to PDF for fillable forms. Security Architecture will be reviewing current products such as End Point Protection, Email Filtering, and Mobile Device Management to see if other products offer better solutions or if current products could be better utilized.

ITD activity

Recent ITD activity includes an update to the Email Encryption service, the preparation for End of Support for Windows 2003 Server, continued improvements for the mandatory State Login ID password reset process, and plans to provide an Enterprise Password Management service to all agencies.

Email Encryption on Internal Network

The ITCC discussed the encryption status of emails as they are sent internally or externally. If you have questions about the capabilities and optional service, please contact the Service Desk or submit an incident.

Enterprise and Desktop Support SLAs

The ITCC reviewed updates to ITD’s Enterprise SLA and Desktop Support SLA. Both SLAs were mutually agreed upon at the meeting

Desktop Disaster Recovery Plans

The final conversation concerned Disaster Recovery plans and strategies that agencies might have for client computing devices and access. Some agencies have or may be taking the approach that a single mobile device for each employee that the employee takes home each night is the best solution. Other agencies discussed mutual agreements with other agencies in other physical locations to share office space if needed, and some agencies plan to buy new machines from local vendors in an emergency, and focus on tools and resources to get those new machines operational quickly. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a very nice solution to Desktop DR but is very expensive. Finally, in discussing the devices being planned for desktop use, it appears higher-end Windows Tablets have become a solid option and are already in use by some agencies with good results.

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July 6, 2015
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Jeff Quast, 701 328-1993
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