Thursday, August 6, 2015 -
10:00am to 11:30am

Meeting Notice

Meeting Agenda:

  • Data Architecture Framework
  • Data Architecture Definitions
  • Open Discussion


The Data Architecture team focused their discussion on trying to define the Framework and Scope of the team. Data Architecture is a new initiative in EA for the state, so it will take some effort to define it. One of the top priorities is for the state to address Data Classification, or in our case, to keep the scope manageable at first, Data Security Classification. The team will develop a draft Data Classification template to begin building on.

Data Governance was briefly discussed, and several high level attributes were identified

  • Rules for use
  • How to access
  • Who is accountable for the data (steward)

Data Retention and Preservation was also briefly discussed, with special interest placed on data that is born digital, which not something we have had to preserve much in the past. Finally, Metadata represented another brief conversation that laid out a few high level attributes to define it, like not using it to classify the data, and making sure it was searchable.

The open discussion topic on the agenda included an inquiry from Cliff Heyne regarding agencies use or need for a digital assets management solution. There is an increasing need for people, mostly agency PIO's, to share and manage digital photos and multimedia. Mr. Heyne is leading an effort to define those needs and address them. Also during open discussion, the Historical Society noted that they will so be advertising to fill an Electronic Records Archivist position.