SRPT is running Version 2 of OnDemand which is no longer supported by IBM. On October 12, 2011, OnDemand was upgraded to Version 8 and deployed under ARS1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my report in SRPT or ARS1?

Any report generated before Oct. 12th can be found in SRPT.  Reports generated after Oct. 11th are in ARS1.  We are in the process of making all the SRPT reports available under ARS1.  This is a manual process that will be completed by the end February 2012.  After all the reports are migrated, SRPT will be removed from the SuperSession menu.

What goes into “Folder Identifier” on ARS1?

Folder Identifier is the Report Identifier.  It can be from 1 to 8 characters long.  OnDemand will search for all the Folder names that begin with the characters specified.  If you want to see all the Folder Names you have access to, simply enter an asterisk ('*').

What does the “F4=Change Password” do?

This key displays a window where you can change your mainframe logon password.  If you do this, you will need to logoff SuperSession (not just ARS1) for the password change to be recognized properly.

When I’m viewing a report, how do I find a specific string?

You can specify F from the command line followed by a blank space and the string you want to find.  The maximum number of characters that OnDemand can process in a string is 17.  For example, to search for the word “amount” in a document, enter the following on the command line: COMMAND=>f amount

If you are searching for a text string that has blanks in it, surround the text string with forward slashes (/).  However, you must count the blanks as characters in the maximum of 17 that OnDemand can process in a string.  For example, to search for “Make checks payable to”, you would enter the following on the command line: COMMAND=>f /Make checks payab/

How do I print my report?

When you are viewing a document, use the “F4=PRINT” key to see the “Host Print Selection Options” screen.

On the “Host Print Selections Options” screen, you only need to provide the following fields to print a report:

  1. Select Page Range Option – Valid options are 1 to 3
  2. Class – Always set to I (upper case i)
  3. Dest – Your mainframe printer name

Press F4 to save your printer options to your User Profile. The following fields can be saved: Class, Dest, Formdef, Pagedef, Writer, Forms, Node, Routing, and Banner.

Use F1=HELP for additional information.

What does the plus sign (+) do on the Search Criteria screen?

To the right of each entry field, a '+' or a 'X' appears.  A '+' means that the field has specific choices that you select.  A 'X' means that the field entry area can be expanded to accommodate more than 18 characters.  Enter a / over the X, press ENTER, and the "Advanced Search Key Entry" screen  appears, which will accommodate up to 64 characters.  After entering the field, press ENTER to return to the Database Search screen.  The first 18 characters of the field will appear on the screen.

Where is the “Full Report Browse”?

This feature is no longer available.