New Version of OnDemand (ARS1)
Select ARS1 from your SuperSession Menu

Enter the Folder Identifier:

CD7040 – Telephone Billing

CD1630 – Data Processing Billing

CD5010 – Micrographics Billing

Enter the number of the report (folder) you would like to view

Enter your department number

(You may change the default date range)

(The new version automatically returns the last 90 days of reports)

Use V (or 1) to view the report

Normal function keys work the same as in the previous version

F4 is used to get to the print options

  • You may print the current page, the entire document or a range of pages
  • You may need to change the maximum pages to print
  • The first time you print in the new version of OnDemand you must fill in the following fields:
    • Class – I (the letter i not the number 1)
    • Dest – (use the same value from SRPT)
    • Routing (use the same value from SRPT)
    • The values entered will be saved
  • Ignore the section for Printing to Dataset

When searching for text strings containing spaces the format in the command line use a slash to identify the text string:

FIND /xxx xxx/

The old version of OnDemand searched an entire report, currently the new version only searches one report segment at a time.
You may have to press F2 a few times to find the item you are searching for in other report segments.