Telecommunication Rates

A table of all available Telecommunications Rates for Services that ITD offers.
Billing Code Report ID Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee Budgeted Rate Budgeted One Time Fee
10 Time Entry Charges Telephone Systems Analyst 81.00/hr. 81.00/hr.
20 Time Entry Charges Network Analyst 81.00/hr. 81.00/hr.
30 Time Entry Charges Wiring Technician 73.00/hr. 73.00/hr.
100 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Phone-Basic Service (per circuit) 20.00/mo. 20.00/mo.
110 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Analog Port 15.00/mo. 15.00/mo.
130 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Phone Extension 8.00/mo. 8.00/mo.
154 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Professional Speaker/Display Phone 3.00/mo. 3.00/mo.
158 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Voice Mail 5.00/mo. 5.00/mo.
164 Reference Object-Telecom Numbers Call Center Agent 10.00/mo. 500.00/agent 10.00/mo. 500.00/agent
166 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Mobile Suite Cell Phone 3.00/mo. 3.00/mo.
168 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Mobile Suite Smart Phone 5.00/mo. 5.00/mo.
170 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Call Recording 10.50/mo. 375.00/user 10.50/mo. 375.00/user
210 Reports - Call History In-State Directory Assistance 2.10/call 2.10/call
211 Reports - Call History Out-of-State Directory Assistance 2.10/call 2.10/call
250 Reports - Call History Calling Cards Call Actual Cost Actual Cost
300 Reports - Call History Long Distance 0.05/min. 0.06/min.
340 Reports - Call History International Long Distance 0.50/min 0.50/min
360 Reports - Call History 800 Service 0.05/min. 0.07/min.
375 Reports - Call History Conference Call Bridge Long Distance 0.05/min. 0.06/min.
380 Reports - Call History Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC) w/Video $16.75/conf. number $155.00/conf. number $16.75/conf. number $155.00/conf. number
400 Reports-Billing Summary by Bill Code Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 150.00/port 150.00/port
950 Reports - Misc. Charges Add-on Module 175.00/phone 175.00/phone
950 Reports - Misc. Charges Video Conference Recording 30.00/recording 30.00/recording