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Telecommunication Rates

This table includes rates for all Telecommunications services ITD offers. Rates include a 4.9% overhead charge.
Billing Code Report ID Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee Budgeted Rate Budgeted One Time Fee
10 Time Entry Charges Telephone Systems Analyst 81.00/hr. 84.00/hr.
20 Time Entry Charges Network Analyst 81.00/hr. 84.00/hr.
30 Time Entry Charges Wiring Technician 73.00/hr. 76.00/hr.
100 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Phone-Basic Service (per circuit) 20.00/mo. 20.00/mo.
110 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Analog Port 15.00/mo. 15.00/mo.
130 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Phone Extension 8.00/mo. 8.00/mo.
154 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Professional Speaker/Display Phone 3.00/mo. 3.00/mo.
158 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Voice Mail 5.00/mo. 5.00/mo.
164 Reference Object-Telecom Numbers Call Center Agent 10.00/mo. 500.00/agent 10.00/mo. 500.00/agent
166 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Mobile Suite Cell Phone 3.00/mo. 2.00/mo.
168 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Mobile Suite Smart Phone 5.00/mo. 5.00/mo.
170 Reference Objects-Telecom Numbers Call Recording 10.50/mo. 375.00/user 10.50/mo. 375.00/user
210 Reports - Call History In-State Directory Assistance 2.10/call 2.10/call
211 Reports - Call History Out-of-State Directory Assistance 2.10/call 2.10/call
250 Reports - Call History Calling Cards Call Actual Cost Actual Cost
300 Reports - Call History Long Distance 0.045/min. 0.045/min.
340 Reports - Call History International Long Distance 0.50/min 0.50/min
360 Reports - Call History 800 Service 0.05/min. 0.05/min.
375 Reports - Call History Conference Call Bridge Long Distance 0.045/min. 0.045/min.
380 Reports - Call History Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC) w/Video $16.75/conf. number $155.00/conf. number $16.75/conf. number $155.00/conf. number
400 Reports-Billing Summary by Bill Code Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 150.00/port 150.00/port
950 Reports - Misc. Charges Add-on Module 175.00/phone 175.00/phone
950 Reports - Misc. Charges Video Conference Recording 30.00/recording 30.00/recording