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Data Processing Rates

Billing Codesort icon Report ID Service Type Current Rate Current One Time Fee Budgeted Rate Budgeted One Time Fee
Project Management Oversight Tiered Tiered
CD1-630-CC XenMobile Device Manager 8.75/device 75.00/device 8.75/user 75.00/user
Desktop Support Custom Custom Tiered Tiered
5 CD1-630-CC IT Analyst 83.00/hr. 95.00/hr.
10 CD1-630-SS Desktop Support Analyst No longer available No longer available
15 CD1-630-CC Senior Analyst 94.00/hr. 105.00/hr.
16 CD1-630-CC Contract Programming Actual Actual
17 CD1-630-CC Architect/Consulting 99.00/hr. 122.00/hr.
19 CD1-630-CC Analyst II 75.00/hr. 81.00/hr.
20 CD1-630-CC Analyst 69.00/hr. 73.00/hr.
21 CD1-630-CC Project Manager 83.00/hr. 95.00/hr.
22 CD1-630-CC Senior Project Manager 94.00/hr. 105.00/hr.
23 CD1-630-CC Analyst III 83.00/hour 95.00/hour
25 CD1-630-CC Server Administrator/Application Support 83.00/hr. 95.00/hr.
26 CD1-630-CC Business Analyst I 83.00/hour 95.00/hr.
27 CD1-630-CC Business Analyst II 94.00/hour 105.00/hr.
28 CD1-630-CC Business Analyst III 99.00/hour 115.00/hr.
30 CD1-630-CC Forms Design 69.00/hr. 73.00/hr.
33 CD1-630-CC Database Administrator $94.00/hour 105.00
35 CD1-630-CC Records Management Fee Tiered Tiered - 19% increase
120 CD1-310-AA 2066 Batch CPU .58/sec. .82/sec.
122 CD1-630-GG 2066 CICS CPU .58/sec. .82/sec.
124 CD1-630-LL 2066 ADABAS CPU .58/sec. .82/sec.
126 CD1-360-AA 2066 TSO CPU .58/sec. .82/sec.
131 CD1-630-EE Disk Storage .0010/track .001/track
135 CD1-630-KK Tape Library Storage 3.10/tape/mo. 3.10/tape/mo.
220 CD1-630-XX AS/400 Batch CPU .77/sec. .87/sec.
222 CD1-630-XX AS/400 Interactive CPU .77/sec. .87/sec.
231 D1-630-VV AS/400 Disk Storage 10.00/GB 10.00/GB
505 CD1-630-NN Wide Area Network Access Add-on (Broadband) 45.00/Res., 90.00/Basic, 175.00/Premium 970.00/circuit for Premium or Basic CPE 45.00/Res., 90.00/Basic, 175.00/Premium 970.00/circuit for Premium or Basic CPE
510 CD1-630-NN Wide Area Network Access (ETS-5) 765.00/port 850.00/port
511 CD1-630-NN Wide Area Network Access (Political Sub ETS-5) 1095.00/circuit 1150.00/circuit
520 CD1-630-NN Metro Area Network Access Fiber Varies Varies - 11% increase
521 CD1-630-NN Metro Area Network Access (Political Sub Fiber) Varies Varies - 5% increase
525 CD1-630-NN Managed Firewall Varies Varies
570 CD1-630-TT Technology Fee 49.50/FTE 59.00/FTE
575 CD1-630-TT Technology Fee - Gigabit 53.00/FTE 62.00/FTE
620 CD1-630-OO EDMS FileNet User Fee 29.95/user 275.00/user 30.75/user 275.00/user
621 CD1-630-OO EDMS FileNet User with BPM Add-on Fee 34.95/user 35.75/user
622 CD1-630-CC EDMS Teleform Verifier Fee 220.00/license Migrated to ILINX Migrated to ILINX
623 CD1-630-CC EDMS Teleform Scan Station Fee 120.00/license Migrated to ILINX Migrated to ILINX
624 CD1-630-CC EDMS ILinx Email Import 3.60/mailbox 108.00/mailbox 3.60/mailbox 108.00/mailbox
625 CD1-630-CC EDMS ILinx Data Capture 90.00/concurrent license 2,900.00/concurrent license 91.50/concurrent license 2,900.00/concurrent license
630 CD1-630-OO Sharepoint Enterprise (MOSS) Fee 15.80/user 160.00/user 15.80/user 160.00/user
630 CD1-630-OO Sharepoint Foundation (WSS) Fee 4.25/user 4.25/user
635 CD1-630-CC ADA Compliance Sheriff 34.00/agency 34.00/month
640 CD1-630-CC Email Encryption 1.70/user 22.00/user 1.80/user 22.00/user
642 CD1-630-CC Endpoint Hard Drive Encryption - Hardware Based (WAVE) 2.50/user 71.00/user 2.65/user 71.00/user
644 CD1-630-CC Endpoint Hard Drive Encryption - Software Based (WAVE) 1.90/user 45.50/user 2.00/user 45.50/user
645 CD1-630-CC County Exchange Email 5.30/account 5.30/account
650 CD1-630-OO VPN Client (Pol. Sub.) 5.00/client 5.00/client
655 CD1-630-OO VPN Client - Netmotion (Session Persistence) 9.25/client 250.00/user 9.25/client 230.00/user
660 CD1-630-OO Email Quota (Additional Storage) 3.00/account 3.00/account
665 CD1-630-OO Rightfax Single Client 8.15/client Included in Basic Phone Rate
666 CD1-630-OO Rightfax Application Fee Tiered Possibility of Tiered Rate
667 CD1-630-OO Rightfax Dept Client 1.20/client Included in Basic Phone Rate
668 CD1-630-CC Desktop Video 8.50/client 8.50/client
675 CD1-630-CC SCCM Client 1.00/device 33.75/device 1.00/device 33.75/device
680 CD1-630-CC PowerSchool Fee 0.83/student 0.83/student
690 CD1-630-CC K-12 Data Warehouse Hosting .04/student .04/student
710 CD1-630-CC LERMS User Fee 25.00/officer 25.00/officer
720 CD1-630-CC STARS User Fee 50.00/user 50.00/user
754 CD1-630-CC Cognos Advanced Buisness Author User Fee 38.95/user 1,525.00/user 44.00/user 1,525.00/user
755 CD1-630-CC Cognos BI Business Author User Fee 31.35/user 775.00/user 35.45/user 775.00/user
756 CD1-630-CC Cognos BI Consumer User Fee 24.55/user 500.00/user 27.75/user 500.00/user
757 CD1-630-CC Cognos BI Professional Author User Fee 44.35/user 1,725.00/user 50.15/user 1,725.00/user
758 CD1-630-CC Cognos BI Professional User Fee 54.80/user 2,070.00/user 61.95/user 2,070.00/user
759 CD1-630-CC Cognos BI Administrator Fee 184.50/user 6,650/user 208.50/user 6,650/user
770 CD1-630-CC Master Client Index .0125/record .0132/record
780 CD1-630-CC Multi-Factor Authentication 4.30/user $15.00/license & $15.00/hard token
800 CD1-630-CC Anti-Virus Client (Political Sub Only) 1.20/client 1.20/client
815 CD1-630-CC Server Room (Includes Device Conn.) 100.00/server 100.00/server
851 CD1-630-ZZ Shared File & Print User Fee 4.25/user 4.25/user
852 CD1-630-ZZ Dedicated File & Print User Fee 2.85/user 2.85/user
853 CD1-630-ZZ Active Directory User Fee 1.35/user 1.35/user
854 CD1-630-RR Dedicated F&P Standard Server Fee 545.00/server 545.00/server Varies based on config.
855 CD1-630-RR Dedicated F&P High Capacity Server Fee 775.00/server 775.00/server Varies based on config.
860 CD1-630-RR Oracle Application Hosting Tiered Tiered
861 CD1-630-RR Websphere Application Hosting Tiered Tiered
862 CD1-630-RR SQL Application Hosting Tiered Tiered
865 CD1-630-CC Shared Intel Server Application Hosting 190.00/application Varies per configuration 180.00/application Varies per configuration
866 CD1-630-CC Dedicated Intel Virtual Server 390.00/OS instance 2,000.00/standard virtual server 360.00/OS instance 1,050.00/standard virtual server
866 CD1-630-CC Dedicated Intel Server (Standard Physical Server) $620-1CPU / $850-2CPU Varies based on config. $620-1CPU / $850-2CPU Varies per config.
870 CD1-630-RR Web Hosting Tiered Tiered
879 CD1-630-CC ConnectND Hosting Tiered Tiered
881 CD1-630-MM Disk Storage - Premium (on demand) 1.25/GB 0.50/GB
882 CD1-630-MM Disk Storage - Basic (on demand) .80/GB .35/GB
883 CD1-630-MM Disk Storage - File Share (on demand) .65/GB .30/GB
888 CD1-630-JJ TSM Disk Backup .15/GB .15/GB
891 CD1-630-MM Disk Storage - Premium (dedicated) 700.00/TB 7,835.00/TB 400.00/TB 4,975.00/TB
892 CD1-630-MM Disk Storage - Basic (dedicated) 600.00/TB 3,900.00/TB 275.00/TB 3,150.00/TB
893 CD1-630-MM Disk Storage - File Share (dedicated) 470.00/TB 5,500.00/TB 225.0/TB 2,600.00/TB
950 CD1-630-NN Wide Area Network Access (Broadband) Actual (plus Broadband Add-on for new) Budget Rates apply to new circuits Actual + Broadband Add-on 970.00/circuit for Premium or Basic CPE
950 Switch Port Activation – Ethernet 125.00/port 125.00/port
950 Switch Installation - Gigabit Ethernet 300.00/port 300.00/port
950 Formbridge 15.00/page 15.00/page
950 Wireless Access Point 30.00/access-point (non-state agencies) 750.00/access-point 30.00/access-point (non-state agencies) 750.00/access-point
950 CD1-630-FF Web Streaming Services $25.00/DVME $650.00/DVME $25.00/DVME $650.00/DVME

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