PDF of 2015-2017 Budget Guidelines for Toolset Upgrades

The ITD Software Development Division supports many software development tools and languages.  ITD upgrades to new versions of our tools and languages on a regular basis.  This prevents obsolescence of customer applications.  Upgrades generally involve re-compiling applications using the newest version of the tool or language, then unit testing the application.  The time required to upgrade varies, depending on the tool being upgraded and the severity of the upgrade.

Following is a list of software components that will likely need upgrades in the 2015-2017 biennium.  We’ve provided a budgeting estimate of the average time required to upgrade each tool and language.  We ask that customers budget for the anticipated number of upgrades per biennium.  Please contact your Software Development team leader to determine which of these technologies you may use.

Software Component Anticipated Number of Upgrades Number of Hours per Upgrade
Software Development Toolset Upgrades for 2015-2017
PowerBuilder 1 32 per application
DB2 1 24 per application
Adabas 1 24 per application
Oracle 1 12 per application
SQL Server 1 12 per application
CDC 1 40 per application
WebSphere 1 40 per application
WebSphere ESB/WID 1 80 per application
.Net 1 24 per application
LiquidOffice 1 8 per application
iLINX 1 2 per form
Cobol/MicroFocus Cobol 1 16 per agency per upgrade
Natural 1 16 per agency per upgrade
Drupal 1 40 per website
Address Verification Tools
1 per upgrade - Files
8 per upgrade - Version 
CA Gen (DHS only) 1 300 per agency per upgrade
Blaze Advisor 1 80 per application
FileNet BPM 1 6 per workflow
FileNet Content Manager 1 32 per agency
FileNet Record Manager 1 8 per record plan
File eForms 1 8 per eForm
FileNet Workplace Customizations 1 8 per customization
FileNet Department Applications 1 12 per .net application
FileNet Department Applications 1 12 per Java application
CONNX 1 12 per application
Crystal Reports 1 2 per report
Crystal Reports Enterprise 1 24 per application
Cognos Reports 4 4 per report (fix packs included)
Cognos Transformer 4 4 per cube (fix packs included)
DataStage (ETL) 1 16 per application (no apps at this time other than 3rd party)
SSIS (ETL) 4 4 per application (fix packs included)
Informatica 1 16 per application (no apps at this time other than 3rd party)
Master Client Index (Initiate) 1 80 per application
UC4 1 8 per agency
Wappapello None at this time  
Security Vulnerability Remediation 1 24 hours per application (dependent on vulnerabilities)