Software Development Team Leader

Steve Goroski is the team supervisor for the ConnectND State Technical Development Team.  He is responsible for overseeing the ITD development team in coordinating the workload for the operational functions and maintenance patching to the ConnectND PeopleSoft applications. Steve has been employed at ITD since 1988. He holds an Associate's Degree in Business Management and Computer Programming from the ND State College of Science.

As ITD’s PeopleSoft Technical Development Team supervisor, Steve is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and patch coordination for the State’s PeopleSoft; Portal, Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM), Human Capital Management System (HCM), Payroll, Absence Management, and Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) applications.  The ConnectND Governance structure requires a coordinated effort having the State and ND University System’s functional and technical development teams working close together.  Along with operational work, Steve is frequently a ConnectND Project Steering committee member as ITD’s Technical representative.

Some of Steve's hobbies include waterfowl and upland bird hunting with his two English Cockers, fishing, target archery, and bowhunting for mule deer, whitetail, antelope, and black bear in Canada.