Director of Computer Systems Division

L. Dean Glatt is director of the Computer Systems Division for ITD. Dean was raised and educated in Bismarck and holds a bachelor’s degree in technical management. His experience includes (Large Area Network) LAN systems, software development, application integration, n-tier systems, and IT business continuity. Prior to ITD Dean worked in the private industry as a co-founder of a local technology firm and for a Fortune 500 public utility company. Dean is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his family.

Dean has sponsored and directed initiatives that include a statewide directory, mainframe migration, data center consolidation as well as the implementation of a secondary data center. Dean is a past member of Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Customer Advisory Council, USA Today’s tech panel, and several local management and IT councils and boards.

The Computer Systems Division provides a technical computing infrastructure and provides the expert skills required to host the state's applications. The infrastructure model is based on a distributed environment carefully architected to ensure system interoperability and maximization of resources, while meeting end-user performance and availability requirements. Virtualized systems, clustered servers, cloud computing, virtualized storage area networks, and managed data centers provide the basis for all of the necessary configurations required by our customers.

A staff of over 70 talented individuals all share an integral role in supporting the functions and service provided by the division.

Hosting is critical to most of the enterprise systems leveraged by Services and Statewide Alliances.