Director of Operations/Deputy CIO

Dan Sipes became the Director of Operations and Deputy CIO of ITD on October 28, 2013. He is responsible for the administration and management of all operational functions providing centralized information technology services.

ITD was established to provide and regulate information technology solutions for state government, which includes analyzing emerging technologies and evaluating the impact they may have on the state's system. The department conducts overall strategic planning, organizing, and coordinating of activities associated with providing statewide information technology and networked communications services to all state agencies and institutions, city and county governments, and K-12 education. ITD also coordinates the state's enterprise initiatives like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS) program, the Health Information Exchange, Large Project Oversight, Enterprise Architecture, Longitudinal Data System, and the state's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Dan started with ITD in 1997 as the Director of Administrative Services. He has Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from the University of Mary and is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Information Systems Auditor. Prior to coming to ITD, Dan managed the Information Systems Audit section at the North Dakota State Auditor’s Office.

Dan and his wife Tammy have three children and enjoy spending time together as a family.