Everyone putting their hands together

The North Dakota Information Technology Department (ITD) supports the IT needs of state government, K-12, and higher education. Because of the diverse needs of state entities, ITD provides varied amounts of support to its customers. While some entities have their own IT departments that partner with ITD for necessary services, others utilize ITD for all of their IT needs. In all situations, it’s ITD’s vision is to be a leader and trusted business partner for strategic IT services within government and education.

ITD provides a wide range of services, including: service desk management, software development, hosting, and video conferencing.

In addition to ITD’s core service offerings, the organization houses or has representatives in a number of statewide alliances. Statewide alliances are programs made up of stakeholders from various government entities working towards a common goal. For example, the Educational Technology Council (ND ETC) is a state board responsible for developing technology systems and coordinating their use to enhance and support the educational opportunities for elementary and secondary education. The board is made up of representatives from ITD, the Department of Public Instruction, University System, and State Board of Career & Technical Education, among other stakeholders. Other statewide alliances include the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS), Geographic Information Systems Hub (GIS), and Health Information Technology (HIT).


ITD's mission is to provide leadership and knowledge to assist our customers in achieving their mission through the innovative use of information technology.


We see ITD as a leader and trusted business partner for strategic IT services within government and education.

Guiding Principles

ITD's guiding principles provide the foundation for our organization. They are standards for how employees and managers are expected to act and interact. They provide a goal for how we want ITD to be in the future. Each employee should strive to embody these principles, and challenge management to do the same.

We believe success depends on the synergy created through the combination of individual talents and diverse ideas, so we will actively engage with coworkers and customers.
We believe respect for yourself and others is a foundational quality that builds trust within our relationships, so we will treat everyone with dignity and respect.
We believe in results that best address the needs of the state of North Dakota, so we will deliver quality solutions and strive to exceed customer expectations.
We believe in doing the right thing, always, so we will hold ourselves to the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards.
We believe everyone has the responsibility to make a difference, so we encourage initiative and creativity and are committed to investing in knowledge and expertise.
We believe customers are our business, so we hold ourselves accountable for a positive and professional customer experience.