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ND Department of Public Instruction Home Page
Students and Parents
    Adult Education
    Advanced Placement
    After School and Out of School Programming
    Content Standards
    Dispute Resolution
    Early Childhood Education
    English Learners
    Free & Reduced Price Meals
    Governor's School
    Home Education
    Homeless Education
        Homeless Education - Guidance
    IDEA Advisory Committee
    Indian Education
        Native American Websites
        North Dakota Indian Education Advisory Council
        North Dakota Native American Essential Understanding Project
        Scholarship Information
    Loan Forgiveness
    Menus from ND Schools
    Migrant Education
    ND Academic or CTE Scholarship
    Parent and Community Engagement
    Section 504
        Section 504 Sample Forms
    Special Education
        Assessment and Testing
            Tools for Teachers/(Based on Essential Elements)
        Early Childhood Special Education
        Secondary Transition
        Special Education Dispute Resolution
        Special Education Improvement Planning
        Special Education State Guidelines
    State Superintendent Student Cabinet
    Student Showcase
    Summer Meals
    Title I
    Title IX Educational Equity
School Staff
    Academic Support
        Academic Support - Advanced Placement
            AP Coordinators
            AP Exam Fees
            AP Professional Development Opportunities
            AP Resources
        Building Tomorrow's Leaders
            Advanced Preparation - Supplies and Contacts
            Module 1: Principles of Leadership
            Module 2: Effective Communication
            Module 3: Meeting Management
            Module 4: Career Preparation
            Module 5: Leadership Etiquette
            Module 6: Conflict Resolution
            Module 7: Community and State Exploration
            Module 8: Project Management
        College Ready English and Math (CREAM)
        Computer Science Initiatives
        Academic Support - Content Standards
        Dual Credit
        Frequently Asked Questions
            Advanced Placement (AP)
            Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses for College Credit
            College Admissions
            College Course Placement
            College Early Entry
            Frequently Asked Questions - Dual Credit
            North Dakota Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarship
            Transcripts and eTranscripts
        Leveraging the Senior Year
        Math Leadership Team
            Cross State Collaborative Math Modules
                Cross State Collaborative Math Modules - Assessment
                Collaborative Grouping
                Discourse 1
                Discourse 2
                Modifying Tasks
                Using Real-World Context
        National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI)
            College Readiness Program (CRP)
            Laying the Foundation (LTF)
        Professional Learning
        School Retool
        Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant
            NDSRCL Grant Application
            North Dakota Comprehensive Literacy Instruction Plan
                NDSRCL State Literacy Team
    School Staff - Adult Education
        Adult Learning Centers
        Displaced Homemakers
        Distance Education
        ESL for Adults
        Regional Programs
        Adult Education - Resources
    School Staff - Assessment
        Accountability Reporting
        Achievement Level Descriptors
        Assessment - ACT/WorkKeys
            ACT Accountability
                ACT Policy and Achievement Level Descriptors
                ACT Proficiency Levels
            ACT North Dakota State Testing Website
            ACT State Reports
            ACT State Testing Dates
        Assessment - Content Standards
        National Assessment of Educational Progress
        Assessment - Reports
        State Assessment Program
            ELA/Literacy and Mathematics Assessment
                Lexile and Quantile Resources
                NDSA Achievement Level Descriptors
                NDSA Proficiency Levels
                ELA/Literacy and Mathematics Assessment - Reports
            Science Assessment
                Science Reports and Research
                Test Administration Resources
    Child Nutrition & Food Distribution
        (A) New & Hot
        (B) Help / Contacts
        (C) School Nutrition Programs
            Administrative Reviews Summaries
                2016-2017 Reviews
                2017-2018 Reviews
                2018-2019 Reviews
            Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
            Direct Certification
            Free & Reduced Price Information
            Meal Patterns / Menu Planning
            Reimbursement Rate / Pricing
            (C) School Nutrition Programs - Resources
        (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program
            Forms / Tools
            (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program - Free & Reduced Price Information
            (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program - Meal Patterns
            (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program - Policies/Manuals/Guidance
            (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program - Recipes
            Reimbursement Rates
            (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program - Resources
            (D) Child & Adult Care Food Program - Training
        (E) Food Distribution Program
            Commodity Supplemental Food Programs (CSFP)
            Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
            School / Child Nutrition Food Programs
                School / Child Nutrition Food Programs - Deliveries
                USDA Foods Processing
            The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)
            (E) Food Distribution Program - Training
        (F) Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Program
            (F) Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Program - Forms / Tools
            (F) Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Program - Policies/Manuals/Guidance
            (F) Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Program - Resources
            (F) Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Program - Training
        (G) Newsletters
            Administrative Updates
            Round Up
        (H) School / District Data
        (I) Summer Food Service Program
            (I) Summer Food Service Program - Forms/Tools
            (I) Summer Food Service Program - Policies/Manuals/Guidance
            (I) Summer Food Service Program - Reimbursement Rates
            (I) Summer Food Service Program - Resources
            (I) Summer Food Service Program - Training
        (J) Annual Reports
        (K) Civil Rights
        Student Eligibility & Online Application Software
            Login / Training
    School Staff - Content Standards
        Archived Content Standards
        Standards Development Activities
            2013-2014 Science
            2016-2017 English Language Arts and Math
            2017-2018 Arts, Early Learning, Health, and Science
            2018-2019 Computer Science and Cybersecurity, and Social Studies
    School Staff - Early Childhood Education
        Early Childhood Education - Content Standards
        Head Start/Early Head Start State Collaboration Office
            Early Head Start Sites
            Head Start/Early Head Start State Collaboration Office - Frequently Asked Questions
            Head Start/Early Head Start State Collaboration Office - Head Start Sites
            Head Start State Collaboration Project Background
            Migrant and Seasonal Head Start and Early Head Start Sites
            Overview of Head Start
            Head Start/Early Head Start State Collaboration Office - Resources
        Kindergarten Formative Assessment
        LEA Coordination with Early Childhood Guidance
        Pre-kindergarten Approval
        Pre-kindergarten Curriculum
        STARS Enrollment
        State Departments of Early Childhood Education
        Early Childhood Education - Title I
        Waterford UPSTART Program and the ND Reading Academy
        WIDA Early Years Program
    Educational Equity & Support
        Fast Facts Series
        Fiscal Resources
        Foster Care
            District Guidance
            District Resources
            Federal Law Guidance
            Points of Contact
        Educational Equity & Support - Guidance
            Time and Effort Documentation
        Parent and Family Engagement
            Annual Assessment of Parent and Family Engagement
            Annual Review Meeting
            Parent Permission
            Parent and Family Engagement - Resources
                Six Types of Parent and Family Engagement
            School-Parent Compact
            Title I Annual Parent Meeting in a Schoolwide Program
            Title I Annual Parent Meeting in a Targeted Assistance Program
        Presentations and Recordings
        Private School Services
        Educational Equity & Support - Resources
            ConnectED News Articles - FTP
                April-May-June 2016
                Jan-Feb-March 2016
            Resources - Fast Facts Series
            Forms and Reports
            Individual Learning Plans
        STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
            Curriculum Resources
            North Dakota Higher Education STEAM Programs and Contacts
            North Dakota STEM Initiatives and Industry Supporters
        Title I A: Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards
            2018-2019 List of Title I and Non-Title I Schools
            Cooperative Agreements
            Paraprofessional Certificates
                ND Approved Assessments for Meeting Paraprofessional Requirements
            School Improvement
                Comprehensive Support under ESSA
                    Resources for Comprehensive Support Schools
                    Comprehensive Support under ESSA - Training
                School Improvement Grant (SIG) 1003g
                    SIG Competition 1003g - North Dakota
                        SIG Applications Funded
                    SIG Requirements
                        North Dakota's Definition of Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools
                        Overview of the Reform Models Under SIG
                    SIG Resources
                    SIG Training
                Targeted Support and Improvement under ESSA
                    Resources for Targeted Support Schools
                    Targeted Support and Improvement under ESSA - Training
            Title I A: Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards - Schoolwide
                Schoolwide - Guidance
                Schoolwide - Resources
                Schoolwide Planning Year
            Title I A: Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards - Targeted Assistance
                Documenting Communication with Classroom Teachers
                Evidence-Based Research Strategies
                Student Progress
                Student Selection
                Targeting - Guidance
                Targeting Process and Worksheets
                Targeting Worksheet Directions
                Targeting - Training
            Title I Committee of Practitioners
            Title I Credentials
            Waiver Requests
        Title I D: Neglected and Delinquent
            Title I D: Neglected and Delinquent - Application
            Year End Reports
        Title II A: Supporting Effective Instruction
            Eligibility and Allocations
            Program Requirements
            Title II A: Supporting Effective Instruction - Resources
            State Equity Plan
            Use of Funds
        Title II B: Math and Science Partnership
        Title IV A: Student Support & Academic Enrichment (SSAE)
            Title IV A: Student Support & Academic Enrichment (SSAE) - Eligibility and Allocations
            Title IV A: Student Support & Academic Enrichment (SSAE) - Program Requirements
            Title IV A: Student Support & Academic Enrichment (SSAE) - Resources
            Title IV A: Student Support & Academic Enrichment (SSAE) - Use of Funds
        Title VII B: McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance
            Title VII B: McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance - Dispute Resolution
            District Homeless Liaisons
                Liaison Training
            Title VII B: McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance - District Resources
            Early Education and Homelessness
            Homeless Education Program State Plan
            McKinney-Vento Subgrant Information
            McKinney-Vento: The Law
            Title VII B: McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance - Monitoring
            Special Education and Homelessness
            State Data
            Title I Set Aside
            Title VII B: McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance - Webinars
    School Staff - Fiscal
        Fiscal - Allocations
        Federal and State Grant Payments
        Federal Requirements
            Fiscal Requirements for Federal Programs
        Fiscal Management Contact
        Fiscal Presentations
        Fiscal - Procurement
            Kindergarten Entry Assessment Application
    Human Resources
        Employment Opportunities in DPI
    Indian/Multicultural Education (EL/Migrant)
        English Learner (EL) Program
            EL Coordinator Monthly Meetings
            Access for ELLs 2.0
            English Learner (EL) Program - Accommodations
            English Learner Program Advisory Committee
            ExcELLing Educator Newsletter
                February-March 2017
                Spring 2018
                Summer 2017
            English Learner (EL) Program - Guidance
            Highly Qualified EL Teachers
            English Learner (EL) Program - Monitoring
            Parents and Families
            English Learner (EL) Program - Professional Development
            English Learner (EL) Program - Resources
            Sample EL Documents
            State EL Program
            Title III: English Learners (EL) and Immigrant Children and Youth
        Indian/Multicultural Education (EL/Migrant) - Indian Education
            Family and Community Engagement Resources
                April 2018
                February 2018
                January 2018
                March 2018
                May 2018
            Native American Needs Assessment
            ND ESSA Tribal Stakeholder and Tribal Consultation
            NDDPI Dropout Prevention & Reengagement
            Indian Education - North Dakota Indian Education Advisory Council
            North Dakota Indian Education Summit
                3rd Annual Indian Education Summit Photo Gallery
                4th Annual Indian Education Summit Photo Gallery
                5th Annual Indian Education Summit Photo Gallery
            North Dakota Native American Education Legislation
            Indian Education - North Dakota Native American Essential Understanding Project
            North Dakota Tribal Nations
            Paraprofessional Resources
                April 2017
                January 2017
                November 2017
            Indian Education - Resources
            Indian Education - Scholarship Information
        Indian/Multicultural Education (EL/Migrant) - Migrant Education
            Migrant Education - Guidance
            Migrant Literacy NET Consortium
        North Dakota Seal of Biliteracy (NDSB)
        Indian/Multicultural Education (EL/Migrant) - WIDA Early Years Program
    Information, Communications, and Research
        Capitol Tablet
        Communications Plan
        Information, Communications, and Research - ConnectED
            ConnectED - News Article
                News Article - April-May-June 2016
                News Article - Jan-Feb-March 2016
        Pledge of Allegiance Guide
        Press Releases
            Applications Open For Teacher Student Loan Relief
            21st Century Community Learning Centers 2018 Grant Announcement
            A Vision for North Dakota’s Schools
            Applications Available for ND Math, English Standards Committees
            Authors, Student Panel Featured At Indian Education Summit
            Baesler Announces ‘Striving Reader’ Grants
            Baesler Announces Cass County Teacher of the Year Finalists
            Baesler Announces Members of Family Engagement Cabinet
            Baesler Announces New ND Superintendent’s Student Cabinet
            Baesler Announces New Student Opportunities In Math, Science Program Expands Availability of Advanced Placement Courses Strengthens College Preparation, Saves Tuition Costs
            Baesler Applauds ND Adoption of ‘Seal of Biliteracy’
            Baesler Approves New ND Math, English Standards
            Baesler Celebrates ‘Patriots’ Day’ Proclamation
            Baesler Chosen For National Leadership Program
            Baesler Congratulates Students Who Aced the ACT Exam
            Baesler Efforts Give ND Schools New Testing Option
            Baesler Honors 2019 ND Teacher of the Year Finalists
            Baesler Invites Applications for ND Board of Higher Education
            Baesler Invites Applications for Student Cabinet
            Baesler Invites Comment On New Education Plan
            Baesler Invites Comment On New Education Plan (1)
            Baesler Invites ND Parents To Participate In ‘Family Engagement Cabinet’
            Baesler Invites North Dakotans to School Safety Listening Forums
            Baesler Invites North Dakotans To See Education Reform Documentary
            Baesler Invites Public Comment on New Math, English Standards
            Baesler Invites Students to Apply For New Superintendent’s Cabinet
            Baesler Lauds Cass County National School Safety Award
            Baesler Lauds Presidential Honors for Students, Teachers
            Baesler Named To Board of National Education Group
            Baesler Pleased School Aid Is Priority In Governor’s Budget Plan
            Baesler Praises Approval of New North Dakota Education Plan
            Baesler Praises High School `Seal of Biliteracy’ Recipients
            Baesler Praises Increased Trust Fund Support for ND Schools
            Baesler Praises ND Blue Ribbon Schools
            Baesler Praises ND Student Performance in National Science Exam
            Baesler Praises ND Students’ ACT Results
            Baesler Praises North Dakota Presidential Scholar Candidates
            Baesler Reminds Teachers of Standards Committee Deadline
            Baesler Responds to Audit Report About School Bus Inspections
            Baesler Seeks Applicants for ND Board of Higher Education
            Baesler Seeks Comment On Education Improvement Plan
            Baesler Seeks ND Board of Higher Education Applicants
            Baesler Seeks North Dakotans’ Insight on Computer Science, Social Studies Learning Standards
            Baesler Seeks North Dakotans’ Insight on Learning Standards
            Baesler Seeks Public Comment On New Academic Standards
            Baesler Sets Aside 2018 Convention Days For School Administrators
            Baesler Sets Aside Days For 2017 School Administrators’ Convention
            Baesler Sets Aside Days For 2019 School Administrators’ Conference
            Baesler To Update Members of Congress on Education Law Progress
            Baesler, Burgum Ask North Dakotans To Support Student’s ‘Google Doodle’
            Baesler, Burgum Name ND Teacher of the Year
            Baesler, Burgum Say North Dakota A Leader In Internet Power
            Baesler, Education Leaders Discuss School Safety Agenda
            Baesler, Microsoft Announce Expanded Partnership For High School Tech Education
            Baesler, Officials Plan Meetings On School Safety
            Baesler: ND School Math, English Standards to be Rewritten, Improved
            Baesler: $28M Grant Will Strengthen ND Student Literacy
            Baesler: 13 Apply for ND Board of Higher Education
            Baesler: Bill Would Encourage Education Innovation
            Baesler: Board of Higher Education Finalists Chosen
            Baesler: DPI, Ag Dept to Promote North Dakota Foods
            Baesler: Grand Forks West Elementary Named ND Distinguished Title I School
            Baesler: Initiatives In Place to Help NAEP Results
            Baesler: Jamestown Teacher Is Finalist For Teacher of the Year
            Baesler: Minot Teacher Is Finalist for Teacher of the Year
            Baesler: ND Schools Maintain Strong Safety Record
            Baesler: ND Sees Jump in High School Advanced Placement Exams
            Baesler: ND Students Lead Nation In AP Exam Success
            Baesler: New ‘Dashboard’ Useful for Parents, Taxpayers
            Baesler: New Information Adds Value To ND Assessment
            Baesler: New Plan A Better Way To Measure School Quality
            Baesler: New Student Loan Forgiveness Program For Teachers Begins
            Baesler: Office Switch Will Help Early Childhood Education
            Baesler: Partnership Strengthens Math, Science, English Education
            Baesler: Program Offers Advanced Classes In Rural ND Schools
            Baesler: Resignation Changes ND Board of Higher Ed Process
            Baesler: State Scholarships Invest in ND Young People
            Baesler: Take the “Hour of Code” Challenge
            Baesler: Ten Apply for Board of Higher Education Seats
            Baesler: Trust Fund Helps Local Schools
            BCBSND Caring Foundation partners with North Dakota Department of Public Instruction for school grant program
            Bismarck Students Honored For Community Science Project
            Burgum, Baesler support school superintendents’ judgment about response to frigid temperature forecast
            Closing the Achievement Gap
            Comments Sought on Computer Science, Social Studies Learning Standards
            Dashboard Improvements Make New Education Data Easy To Find
            Fall Conference Offers Learning Opportunities for Teachers, Baesler Says
            Fargo, Bismarck Summer Children’s Meals Programs Honored
            First Draft of New Math, English Standards
                North Dakota English Content Standards Development Committee
                North Dakota Mathematics Content Standards Development Committee
            Grant Competition
            How To Apply For the Microsoft TEALS Program
            Indian Education Summit Offers Help, Inspiration
            Jamestown High Principal Wins Prestigious Milken Award
            Kirsten Baesler Statement About U.S. House Action on Federal ESSA Rules
            Master’s Degree Offers New Path for Classroom Teachers
            Math Testing
            Math, English Standards Available for New Review
            Medora 3rd-Grader ‘Google Doodles’ His Way to Prize
            Minot Teacher Honored As ND Teacher of the Year Finalist
            Nation’s Top Student
            ND Has ‘Foundation to Do Great Things’ in Education
            ND Indian Education Summit To Bolster Cultural Awareness
            ND Student To Speak At National Education Forum
            ND Teacher Shortage Persists; Student Loan Relief for Teachers Available
            ND Waiver Application for ACT Peer Review Schedule
            ND Waiver Application Process
            ND Waiver Application Request
            NDDPI Seeking Applications for Summer Food Service Program
            NDDPI to Seek Test Limit Waiver
            New Information Makes ND Assessment More Valuable to Students, Parents
            New Standards Process Begins for Science, Health, Arts, Early Learning
            New Student Test Information Can Help Parents, Baesler Says
            New Superintendent's Student Cabinet Chosen
            New Tool Launched to Provide More Transparency in School Performance
            News Event
            North Dakota Early Childhood Care and Education Collaborate to Create New Early Learning Standards
            North Dakota School Approvals Completed For 2017-18
            North Dakota Students Remain at Risk for Health-Related Behaviors
            North Dakotans’ Comments Sought On State Literacy Instruction Plan
            Oban Chosen as Board of Higher Education Finalist
            Panel Endorses Three For ND Board of Higher Education
            Panel Names Six Finalists for Two Board of Higher Education Seats
            Programs Bolster ND Students’ College Prep for Math, English
            Revised Statement by Kirsten Baesler
            Six Finalists Chosen for ND Board of Higher Education Seats
            Solen, Cannon Ball Schools Honored for Student Achievements
            State Test Results Available More Quickly to ND Schools
            Streamlining Tests
            Student Loan Aid
            Summer Feeding Program
            Supt. Kirsten Baesler Statement on Conference Days
            Survey of Educators Planned
            Survey To Help ND Indian Students
            Survey: Majority of ND Students Dedicated to School Work
            Teacher shortage loan forgiveness program now accepting applications
            Teen Risk Behaviors
            Ten Apply For ND Board of Higher Education
            Three ND Schools Get National ‘Blue Ribbon’ Honor
            Press Releases - Waiver Request
        Information, Communications, and Research - Resources
        Resources for Communicating NDSA Student Scores
        Scholarship Opportunities
        Superintendent Baesler's Listening Tour
        The Shadow a Student Challenge
    Outreach and Engagement
        Outreach and Engagement - Information
            North Dakota Boys and Girls State
            Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching
        Information for Teachers
        North Dakota Teacher of the Year
            2018 Teacher of the Year
            2019 Teacher of the Year
            ND Teacher of the Year Process
            Nomination Criteria for State Teacher of the Year
        Outreach and Engagement - Presentations
            Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today
        Professional Development for Students, Educators and Parents
            Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
        Scholarships and Opportunities for students
            2018 HOBY State Leadership Seminars
            Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas Scholarship
            Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth
            High School Student Drone Scholarship
        The Cutting Ed
        United States Senate Youth Program
            United States Senate Youth Program North Dakota Delegates
    Safe and Healthy Schools
        Compulsory Attendance / Truancy
            Addressing the Health-Related Causes of Chronic Absenteeism
        Emergency Operations Planning
        Fact Sheets
        Health & PE Education
            HIV/AIDS Education
            ND Department of Health Resources
            Sex Education
            Universal Precautions
                Universal Precautions Kits for Schools
        Medication Administration
            Medication Administration Training for School Personnel
        Mental Health Training
        Persistently Dangerous Schools
        Safe and Healthy Schools - Resources
            Moments of Impact ND Video and Curriculum
            Sources of Strength
        School Climate Assessments
        School Health Profiles
        Safe and Healthy Schools - School Safety
            ND School Resource Officers
        Trauma Sensitive Schools
        Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
            2013 YRBS
            2015 YRBS
    School Approval & Opportunity
        Alternative Education Program Grades 6-8
        Alternative High School Program
        Course Codes and Descriptions
        School Approval & Opportunity - Credentials
            Elementary and Secondary Principal
            Library Media
            School Counselor
            Credentials - Superintendent
        Driver's Education
        School Approval & Opportunity - Frequently Asked Questions
            ESSA Reporting on Effective Teachers
            High School Summer School Programs
            Frequently Asked Questions - Home Education
            ND Academic or Career & Technical Education Scholarship
            North Dakota Civics Test
            Optional Curriculum
            Principal Evaluation in North Dakota
            Remedial Elementary Summer School Program
            School Counseling
            Summer Elementary Grades 5-8 School Programs
            Teacher Evaluation in North Dakota
            Weather Related School Closings
        Grants and Scholarships
        School Approval & Opportunity - Home Education
        Laws and Regulations
        National Board Certified Teachers
            Maintenance of Certification
        Nonpublic School Criminal History Record Checks
        School Approval & Opportunity - North Dakota Civics Test
            100 Civics Test Questions
            Documenting the Completion of the Civics Test
            North Dakota Civics Requirement for Graduation
        North Dakota Statewide School Improvement Process
        School Approval & Opportunity - Optional Curriculum
        Principal and Teacher Evaluation System Support (PTESS)
        School Approval & Opportunity - Resources
        School Approval & Opportunity - School Approval
                Archives - 2013-2014
                Archives - 2016-2017
                Archives - 2017-2018
        School Calendars
        School Approval & Opportunity - School Counseling
            Academic and Career Planning
            Comprehensive Counseling Program
            School Counseling - Credentials
            School Counseling - Frequently Asked Questions
            North Dakota Century Code Requirements
            School Counseling - Resources
            School Counseling Standards
            State Approved School Counseling Programs
        Student Performance Strategist
        School Approval & Opportunity - Summer School Programs
        Teacher Effectiveness Reporting
        School Approval & Opportunity - Weather Related School Closings
    School Finance and Organization
        School Finance and Organization - News Articles
            August 2016
            December 2015
            February 2016
            January 2016
            October 2015
            September 2015
        Open Enrollment
        School Finance and Organization - Presentations
        Regional Education Associations
            Agreements Table
                Great North West Education Cooperative (GNWEC)
                Mid-Dakota Education Council (MDEC)
                Missouri River Educational Cooperative (MREC)
                North Central Education Cooperative (NCEC)
                Northeast Education Service Cooperative (NESC)
                Red River Valley Education Cooperative (RRVEC)
                Roughrider Education Services Program (RESP)
                South East Education Cooperative (SEEC)
            Non Member Table
            REA Contact Information
        School Finance and Organization - Resources
        School Construction
            Credit Enhancement Program
            NDDPI Construction Loan Program
            Project Approval
            Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB)
            School Facilities Planning
        School District Finance
            County Treasurer
            Foundation Aid Payment Report
            K-12 Funding Legislation - 2019 Update
            Rapid Enrollment Grant
            School District Budgeting
        School District Organization
            County Superintendent of Schools
        School Transportation
            Bus Driver
            School Transportation - Reporting
            School Transportation - Safety
        STARS Enrollment Reporting
            Fall Report
            Spring Report
            Summer School Report
        Teacher Compensation
        Tuition and Excess Cost Reimbursement
            Student Contracts
    School Staff - Section 504
        Federal Offices
        Laws and Policy
            Laws and Policy - Federal Law
            Federal Policy and Guidance
            Laws and Policy - Frequently Asked Questions
        NDDPI Section 504 Subpart D Guidelines
        Section 504 - Sample Forms
    School Staff - Special Education
        Accessibility Resources
        Special Education - Assessment and Testing
            Accessibility Guidelines
            Assessment and Testing - Tools for Teachers/(Based on Essential Elements)
        Data and Reports
        Special Education - Early Childhood Special Education
        Special Education - Fiscal
        Special Education - Governor's School
        Laws, Regulations and Guidance
        ND MTSS - SPDG
            A. ND MTSS Implementation Guidance
            B. Essential Components Defined
            C. Resources and Supports
            D. Professional Development
            E. Demonstration Sites
            F. Pilot Program Sites
            G. Preservice/Master's Teachers
            H. North Dakota Schools & Districts Implementing ND MTSS
        Special Education - News Articles
            News Articles - Jan-Feb-March 2016
            July-August-Sept 2016
            October-November-December 2016
        Special Education - Paraprofessional
        Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) Training
        Special Education - Secondary Transition
            Agency Resources and Adult Service Providers
            Disability Services Council
            Essential Components of Secondary Programming
            Indicator 14 Postsecondary Outcomes
            ND Transition Assessment Matrix
            Secondary Transition - Partners
            Publications and Materials
            State Transition Initiatives
            What is Transition?
        Special Education Director's Credential
        Special Education - Special Education Dispute Resolution
        Special Education - Special Education Improvement Planning
            2019-20 Discretionary Grant
            Special Education Improvement Planning - Dropout Prevention
            Dropout Reengagement
            Local Formative Evaluation Materials
        Special Education - Special Education State Guidelines
        Traineeship Scholarship Program
        Training and Technical Assistance
            2018 SLD Guidelines Training
            2018 Special Education Leadership Institute
            2018 Summer Institute
            Extended School Year (ESY)
            Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
            Prior Written Notice (PWN)
    Student Support & Innovation
        Consolidated Application
        Student Support & Innovation - Correspondence
        Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
            ESSA Implementation Committees
                Choice Ready
                Effective Teachers and Leaders
                Financial Transparency
                Graduation Rate
                Innovative Learning
                School Dashboard
                ESSA Implementation Committees - School Improvement
                Student Engagement
                Student Growth
            ESSA Planning Committee
                ESSA Planning Committee Members
                ESSA Subcommittees
                    Continuous Improvement
                    Standards, Assessment, Accountability, & Reporting
                    Teacher/Leader Effectiveness
                Meeting #1: May 17, 2016
                Meeting #10: August 25, 2017
                Meeting #11: November 21, 2017
                Meeting #12 February 26, 2018
                Meeting #13: September 20, 2018
                Meeting #14: February 5, 2019
                Meeting #2: July 25, 2016
                Meeting #3: August 30, 2016
                Meeting #4: September 30, 2016
                Meeting #5: October 25, 2016
                    Meeting #5 Agenda: October 25, 2016
                Meeting #6: December 20, 2016
                Meeting #7: February 8, 2017
                Meeting #8: March 22, 2017
                Meeting #9: August 14, 2017
                Proposed Rules and Regulations: ESSA Accountability
            ESSA Presentations, Recordings, and Videos
            ESSA Q&A Series
            ESSA Resources
            ESSA Update Memos
            ESSA Webinar Series
            Key ESSA Elements
                Key ESSA Elements - Assessment
                Key ESSA Elements - Choice Ready
                    Choice Ready Chart
                    Choice Ready Report
                    Four-Year Rolling Career Plan
                    Remediation Rates
                    Choice Ready - Resources
                    Choice Ready - Webinars
                        January 11, 2018
                        March 1, 2018
                        May 9, 2018
                        Choice Ready Q & A
                        PowerPoint Presentations & Handouts
                        Recordings of Presentations
                College Ready English and Math (CREAM/CLEM)
                Continuous Improvement for All - AdvancED
                Effective/Ineffective Teacher Reporting
                Key ESSA Elements - English Learners
                Key ESSA Elements - GED
                High School Assessment/ACT Option
                School Dashboard/Reporting
                    School Dashboard/Reporting - Webinars
                Key ESSA Elements - School Improvement
                Key ESSA Elements - Student Engagement
            North Dakota ESSA Plan
                U.S. Department of Education Review
        Student Support & Innovation - Loan Forgiveness
            List of Districts with NCES Categories
        Student Support & Innovation - Monitoring
            Monitoring - Webinars
        Student Support & Innovation - Presentations and Recordings
        Student Support & Innovation - Resources
            Resources - ConnectED News Articles
                January-February-March 2017
        Title IV B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers
            2019 Grant Competition (Application for Selection)
            21st CCLC Programs
            Title IV B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Communication
            External Organization Partners
            Lights on Afterschool
            Title IV B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Monitoring
            North Dakota Afterschool Update
                February 2017
                May 2017
            Title IV B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Resources
                Resources - Guidance
                State Websites
                Resources - Webinars
            Statewide Evaluations
        Title V: Rural Education Achievement Program
    School Staff - Title IX Educational Equity
- Community
- Innovative Learning
    #InnovativeND Awards
    How to Get Started
    Innovation Spotlight
    Innovative Education Programs
    Innovative Partnerships
        Arts Based Learning
    Personalized, Competency-Based Learning
    Innovative Learning - Resources
        Competency Based Education
        Future of Education
        Individualized Learning
        Innovative Videos
        Most Likely to Succeed (MLTS)
        Project Based Learning
        Project Based Learning Video Contest
    Solve For Tomorrow
- About
    Administrative Rules
        Proposed Rules and Amendments
    Assessment Taskforce
        Assessment Task Force Report
        Meeting #1: September 3, 2015
        Meeting #2: October 6, 2015
        Meeting #3: November 5, 2015
        Meeting #4: December 21, 2015
        Meeting #5: January 27, 2016
        Meeting #6: April 11, 2016
        Meeting #7: June 23, 2016
    About - ConnectED
    Guest Appearance Request Form
    Quick Links
    School Board Professional Development Series
        NDDPI Recorded Professional Development Trainings
    About - State Superintendent
    State Superintendent’s Family Engagement Cabinet
    State Superintendent's Student Cabinet
        2015-2016 State Superintendent Student Cabinet
            2015-2016 Student Cabinet Members
        2016-2018 State Superintendent Student Cabinet
            2016-2018 Student Cabinet Members
        2018-2020 State Superintendent Student Cabinet
            2018-2020 Student Cabinet Members
            December 3, 2018 Meeting Agenda
            March 25, 2019 Meeting Agenda
            September 21, 2018 Meeting Agenda
        Student Cabinet Application Process
        Student Cabinet Photo Gallery
    Superintendent's Corner
    NDDPI News - Correspondence
    Department Newsletters
- Forms
    Administrative and Instructional Personnel
    NDDPI Data - Dashboard
    Education Directory Information
        Microsoft Outlook School Contact List
        School Listings
    Enrollment Heat Map
    NDDPI Data - Reports
        School District Profile
        School Finance Resources
        Suspension/Expulsion/Truancy Report
        Reports - Youth Risk Behavior Survey
    School Finance Facts
    STARS - State Automated Reporting System
        STARS Help
        STARS Import/Export Layouts
        STARS Reports
        STARS User Manual
    State Longitudinal Data System
        Data Release Agreements
    Student Data Privacy
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