Privacy Policy

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The purpose of this policy statement is to inform users of North Dakota Department of Public Instruction’s website about what information is automatically collected and the happenings thereof.
Information Automatically Acquired
The information below is collected and stored automatically from all user who browse NDDPI’s website:
  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address and internet domain from which you used to access NDDPI’s website
  • The browser and operating system used when visiting our site
  • The date and time you accessed our site
  • The pages you visited
  • The address of a website you used to get to our website
None of the aforementioned information will identify you. 

Information collected with your permission

If you contact NDDPI through email, or fill out one of our online forms, survey, or registration forms, understand that information will be used to respond to your request.
  • Email addresses obtained as a result of electronic communication to the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction will not be sold or distributed.
  • If you subscribe to a newsletter or any other publication that contains updates about our department, you may unsubscribe at any time.
  • Any email inquiry or correspondence sent to the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction may become a public record and may be subject to the same controls and uses as records collected by governmental offices visited in person.  NDDPI provides security for information provided to it and does not sell information it receives.   We may be required to disclose collected information pursuant to a court order.  In addition, we may be authorized to share this information with other state agencies for purpose of child support, law enforcement, collection of debts owed to the State or its political subdivisions, and any other purpose authorized by law.  Information not specifically addressed in this policy must be disclosed pursuant to the North Dakota Open Records Law.
The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction uses google analytical software to understand how our visitors use our site, and to measure how visitors navigate pages.  State-operated webpages are entitled to use first-party cookies (short, simple text files stored on a user’s computer that keep track and store information.)   The analytical software used by NDDPI does not store personally identifiable information, but will send information to Google such as the web page you're visiting and your IP address.  Google Analytics may also set cookies on our browser or read cookies already there.
Google Analytics collects device-specific information (such as hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, location, and mobile network information).

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction reserves the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy without notice.  Please visit this Privacy Policy page to stay up-to-date.