COVID-19 FTP Administrative FAQ


Q. Due to school closure, does anything need to change regarding Time and Effort/Assurance of Time for staff who have been paid all or in part with Title funds?

A. It is recognized federally funded staff will spend their time differently; therefore, for purposes of time assurances and schedules for time documentation, the LEA may have to track how that time is spent. Staff should be paid as if school was in session and documentation of work activity can continue consistent with their prior work schedule. It is best practice to document any decisions and guidance received for this time period. When distance learning begins, consider the following:

  • Changes to staff work activities and schedules
  • Adjust documentation of time and effort to report the distribution of actual work
  • Determine the funding source and object codes
  • If applicable, include any cost which must be separately tracked and reported
  • Adjust the business managers accounting records/ledger to accurately reflect charges to funding streams aligned to work activity, budget revisions, and most recent approved budgets
  • Keep all documentation and support for any adjustments made, as per usual internal controls and expectations

Q. If our plan changes in which different activities will occur, must the grant be amended?

A. Generally, yes. If an activity is different than what is stated within the LEAs consolidated application or most recent budget revision, then an amendment must be submitted. All activities must be reasonable, allocable, and necessary.