Department Newsletters

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AFTERSCHOOL Update - The 21st Century Community Learning Programs (21st CCLC) publishes a quarterly newsletter, the North Dakota AFTERSCHOOL Update, for its grantees.

ConnectED - The NDDPI publishes a quarterly newsletter highlighting what is going on within the department and with those who are running programs and teaching in our schools and classrooms throughout the state. We welcome practitioners to share their experiences, challenges, and successes so that together we can learn how to best meet the needs of all North Dakota students.

Early Childhood Education News - The Office of Early Childhood Education publishes a quarterly newsletter to provide early childhood educators with program guidance, tips, upcoming events, best practice information, grant opportunities as well as feature unique and innovative initiatives.

Family and Community Engagement Resources - The NDDPI Division of Student Support & Innovation, Office of Indian/Multicultural Education, develops monthly communication resources for schools to disseminate to parents each month.

The ND ExcELLing Educator - The English Language Learner (ELL) Programs within the Office of Indian/Multicultural Education publishes a monthly newsbrief, The ND ExcELLing Educator, for school and district personnel.

Newsletter from Smarter Balance - In each issue, we will feature stories that not only highlight the work Smarter Balanced is doing to continue developing the best assessment system in the U.S., but also the inspiring work of educators around the country. We'll also connect you with the latest Smarter Balanced resources and update you on the media coverage that we've received.