Most Likely to Succeed (MLTS)

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Most Likely to Succeed is an award winning documentary that takes an in-depth, thought provoking look at education now and the critical skills necessary for students to acquire for their success beyond high school.
The film follows students into the classrooms of High Tech High, an innovative new school in San Diego. There, over the course of a school year, two groups of ninth graders take on ambitious, project-based challenges that promote critical skills rather than rote memorization. Most Likely to Succeed addresses the topic of school—both its past and its future, and leaves its audience inspired with a sense of purpose and possibility.  The movie helps to bring school communities together to reimagine and rethink what our students need for success in the 21st Century.  It is a must see movie-- as we grapple with the ramifications of rapid advances in technology, automation and growing levels of income inequality.
Bringing about change in education is not a small task. It cannot nor should it be engineered by a single mind in a school. For even the simplest of ideas, a supportive environment both within the school and in the greater community is necessary. Moreover, any model of top-down change from any level higher than a local school district is doomed to fail. An organic and home-grown model of education sounds appealing, but is much easier said than done. Bringing together all the stakeholders and leaders in a community requires a commitment to continuing work toward your vision for the long haul. As you consider where you want to be in one, five, or ten years, your first focus should be on developing a shared vision within your community of what your school should look like at those milestones. When all players are working toward the same goal, the prospects for success are high. Interested in Implementing Innovative Practices in the Classroom?  What Can You Do?
  • Host a screening of Most Likely to Succeed:  If your school, district or group is interested in hosting a screening of Most Likely to Succeed at no cost, please contact Beth Larson-Steckler at 701-328-3544 or or Shauna Greff at 701-328-2958 or  
  • Utilize MLTS Learning Sparks! The Most Likely to Succeed team is offering short videos from the film that can be used as professional development to help your students, your classroom, your school, or your district.