Individualized Learning

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Education is critical to making our region better for everyone. Our education system should help all kids reach their full potential. The Bush Foundation believes this requires a more individualized approach to learning, one that makes education more relevant for all students in terms of who they are, how they learn and what they want to do. Individualized learning models are defined by the following characteristics:
  • Deep, Individualized Learning — students learn in ways that match how they learn, who they are and where they aspire to go in life. Students receive academic content when and how they need it to move forward in their learning;
  • Focused on Building Student Agency — the learning model promotes and builds student agency (aka, initiative and motivation) for life-long learning and problem-solving;
  • Authentic Experiences & Assessment — learning experiences and assessments of understanding are interesting, engaging and connected to the real world;
  • Tech “Enabled” — learning is supported by technology, but “tech” by itself is not the solution; and
  • Serving All (Equity) — there is a commitment to serve all learners, especially students from traditionally underserved populations.
The Bush Foundation, which invests in great ideas in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and 23 Native nations, together with 2Revolutions, is proud to present School Design for Individualized Learning, an education design experience that will inspire, equip and connect educators who want to reimagine the purpose and structure of school. 

A series of events available to North Dakota schools and districts can be found on the School Design for Individualized Learning and have also been highlighted on the NDDPI Events website. 


The guiding goal for the Bush Foundation's education initiative is to make our region the national leader in providing individualized education that meets the abilities, backgrounds and aspirations of all students. To that end, the Bush Foundation makes a handful of big investments each year to help make education more relevant to all students in terms of how they learn, who they are and what they want to do.

School Design for Individualized Learning is designed to help achieve this goal by giving educators a unique opportunity to develop and implement individualized learning plans in their schools.