Competency Based Education

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Competency-Based Education is a system where students advance to higher levels of learning after demonstrating a mastery of concepts and skills. Students pass from one level to another based on mastery of skills rather than time spent in a classroom. Other terminology sometimes used in place of or in conjunction with Competency-Based Education are personalized learning, standards based learning, and/or project learning.

Two-day Maine/Boston Field Trip Webinar- December 15, 2016 Workshop- August 15, 2016 Webinar- July 27, 2016 Webinar- June 27, 2016
  • PowerPoint Slides- Competency-Based Education
    • Presenter Matt Williams, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at Knowledge Works shared his expertise and knowledge on Competency-Based Education. Because of technical difficulties, the first five minutes were not recorded so we recommend having the slides available while listening to the webinar.
  • Webinar- June 27, 2016